Just a thanks to TRS and forum staff


I am mostly negative on here, but I do love the game. I am fairly certain it demands more of monsters than it does hunters, we have the more stressful role, and we either face a premade or a team of buffed up solo queue folks who may or may not actually need the bonus to be competetive.

That said, I am just going to refrain from posting aside from actual question going forward, and just try and trust TRS is on the ball. Negativity will not help the game prosper.




Honestly, I think that the TRS staff is doing a great job. They’re trying out new things and it’s an ongoing process to get all of the elements of the game just right. I think I greatly enjoy this Evolve Stage Two new look and feel, and it’s still in beta for this new release.

Is there room for improvement? Absolutely. But not for lack of trying. Time and effort are not infinite, and I think that the TRS team is doing a damn good job of getting things off the ground.

I would like some sort of Clans/Guilds functionality added in the game though, it’d be nice to be able to find an actual regular group to play with and all. Since none of my friends play Evolve lol.

Anywho, cheers!


We’re pretty damn lucky the TRS staff isn’t like Niantic, they actually talk/play with us and listen.


and of course right after making this post I lose two matches doing well as wraith, first because host connection was lost for everyone, second because i chased a hunter down into a small space between a wall and the dome, hunter gets out, i am apparently too big and got caught down there.



TRS is always looking to hear from players. Just keep your posts constructive, being heated is ok, and you’re good!