Just a Thank you


Thank You TR for hosting the big alpha and the recent beta. I have been infatuated with this game since I first heard about the concept of it.

In typical TR fashion we were given A quality product even if said product isnt finished yet. Needless to say the QA on this game is far above industry standard and considering that all we’ve been exposed to is an unfinished version of the game I hope @TRdevs take that compliment to heart.

Thank you TR for wanting Evolve to be the best it can possibly be. Perhaps if it wasnt for the last year of horrible quality in many AAA titles I wouldn’t feel this thankful that there is at least one studio who is focused solely on the experience of the end customer. And that they found a publisher patient enough to allow TR to achieve this.

Thank you for your community involvement. This, from an internet forum standpoint, has been one of (if not my favorite) beta feedback / player-developer experiences in all my 24 years of gaming. The passion you have shown us I hope will be rewarded in droves.

Thank you for not acquiescing to industry trends of locking content behind a paywall or pre-order deal.
While I absolutely Condemn ANY pre-order exclusivity practices altogether you at least (fought?) to allow those who don’t want to fuel that disgusting anti-consumer practice to unlock ALL the content thats on the disc. And if anyone in general is reading this : STOP PREORDERING VIDEOGAMES, there is a 100% chance that you can pick this game up on day one without a pre-order!
(thats a story for another day as i could write a dissertation on how pre-ordering games is directly responsible for the shit quality of games in recent years and the lack of shits publishers give about their product and the end consumer)

And Lastly, thanks for releasing this game at a time of year where there are not many other new releases to distract me from sweet hunter murdering glory. You’ve created a beauty of a game here and I hope it gets the success it deserves.

Three Cheers!


Thanks for playing, man. See you on Shear!


couldn’t agree more! Such a wonderful and refreshing game! Its nice to be on a forum that shares my enthusiasm :smiley:


Thank you for playing and being part of the Community :smiley: