Just a quick question about wraith


Sorry if it’s already a thread but I couldn’t find it. When you use Decoy does the decoy do what ever it wants? for example if I use decoy and then use super nova what happens? Do I stay invisible and my decoy uses super nova? I’d check myself but I’m at work and I’m very curious


If you pop supernova and then decoy, the decoy will have all the benefits of using the supernova (as long as it stays within the radius).

Moreover all the visual effects from the supernova can make it easier to successfully sneak away and re-position whilst cloaked.


For current decoy to take on SN, you have to activate SN THEN decoy, since if you do decoy then SN you cancel out decoy since you did something while you were invis.

I would recommend against using that though, decoy ai is kinda…dumb at the moment so it won’t do much. Just use SN yourself so that you can get the down more reliably than the ai.


So just to make sure, there’s no way to make Decoy use warp blast then?


No, it can’t use abilities.


Supposedly it is supposed to move in the direction you point your crosshair when you activate it. And it probably does do that, initially. But after a warp or 2 the AI kicks in and it runs off in a random direction.

Did I mention you have to sit there and aim during the entire animation if you want that tiny semblance of control? Because in my experience, you do.