Just a quick little idea


This idea popped into my head yesterday and I’d like to share it. It probably won’t make it in but who cares. It’s very similarr to the Broken Hill Murder Pits cupcake Easter egg. My idea is that there is a one in something like 1 billion chance that when you kill Slim as a Monster you are granted 10 million keys. This ties into the bounty that’s put on Slims head. This will be a one instance only occurance, to stop many people getting an overload of keys. Whatcha think?


10 million is an overload. Everybody would just buy everything and still have millions left over immediately lol


True, but it is an extremely low chance and can only happen once.


10,000 seems more fair for that one lucky player.

It’s enough to buy any monster or hunter with maybe a skin. Or buy multiple hunters, with skins as well. 10,000,000 is too much.


10 million?

What if the first game somebody plays, they get the drop and can unlock everything instantly while everybody else has probably been grinding for hours to get something. Would be unfair for everybody else who has to grind for it, no matter who it is that gets it.


ten million is a bit too much, maybe a hundred thousand is as high as I would stretch it.