Just a casual rant


So I noticed this after talking to someone on a twitch stream about TRS and they’re tournaments, actually tournaments in general…

Last nights tournament had 3 ESL tier players on one team granted we didn’t face them nor did they win the tournament but something I noticed none the less…

The rules stated 2 ESL tier players per team… So TRS I think should recheck your resources before hosting the next one and creating teams…

Then besides that I was thinking why can’t TRS use community tournaments to build up to a bigger tournament that’s hosted say once every two months for exclusively exclusive skins?

Ex. Semi-finalist are invited to said tournament

ever since ESL stopped hosting evolve their has been no “standard” for what’s top tier. Like yeah Seeds hosts a tournament called QuickShot but it’s essentially TRS’s community tournament with another name and a different rule set… Nothing for teams to really strive for now… That’s my casual rant anyways… Hai


What is an ESL tier player? Anyone can join on the ESLs.


Maybe people like me and @Torvald_Stavig. It all depends on skill level. Me and him are pretty good players, he’s a great assault and Monster. I’m a great Trapper and Assault. Another example would be the Shear Violence tournament. All the teams on there are former ESL players and are extremely good.


I had to ask because it was very vague.

As far as hunters go I’m a well rounded and I personally believe myself to be a very high skilled player, but under this mans definition would I be ESL skill level?


You did play with my team for awhile, so yeah. I wouldn’t say you stand out as a very good certain character, like me with Crow and Torvald with Torvald, but really good with a good team.


Compete in ESL evolve tournaments


That doesn’t really say ESL level though. Anyone can play in an ESL tournament, doesn’t mean they’re good.


Exactly cause we no longer even have a standard cause all we have is community and QuickShot


I’d prefer that they made skins available to more participants (maybe keep one just for finalists) and didn’t worry about who is on each team. A bye system would keep top tier teams from knocking out casuals and a losers bracket could allow for people to continue the fun and find out who’s the best of the rest.

That way we can all enjoy the weekend, all have fun, all have some nice skins for coming to the party and playing, and not worry about top tier teams taking part in any way. :slight_smile:


Since there doesn’t seem to be anymore ESL or pro level tournaments anymore I don’t think it would be fair to ‘brand’ a player with that label and keep them from playing roles or with players that they would like to play with.


English is you second language :confused: