Just 2000 players on PC?


Has the number really gone that low so soon?


No, the numbers right now are nearer 4000 right now :smile:


That’s still rather pathetic for a new game.


Yeah it’s not a game that is meant to have longevity on PC really. I would recommend getting it on a console. It will be viable there for years and years. Just see L4D series more details. Numbers were dropped to basically none, till they literally gave it away to every steam user for free.


You lie game in former. But still, its rather low


Guys, this game is very new and the PC audience knows that Steam has sales on everything… just have patience. The game will grow after a few sales & good dev support.


May I take this opportunity to ask whether you’ll be playing with us anytime soon?


Yep sad, but true.

People saying that there are 4000 people right now have to realize that they are here cause patch is tomorow.

Tomorow numbers will be even higher , but then they wil drop again pretty fast


I’m back tonight, my bloodborne is quenched for now


It is what it is, it’s also higher today than it’s been on a Monday for some time, and it’s not peak time yet, so clearly there’s some good interest in the new content :slight_smile:


This game must last