Jurassic World

New Trailer for Jurassic World! The 4th movie in the Jurassic Park franchise!


Starlord riding a motorcycle with velociraptors…need I say more?


Yes you do.
Starlord and the amazing raptor pack vs the D-Rex.
That’s better.

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In chorus everyone!

Holly fucking shit, it’s a Dinosaur, Jesus Christ! WTF?!
Omfg! fucking Dinosaurs, Holly shit! WTF?!


I wonder if it will be funny at all, or try too hard to be serious. Hopefully the former.


I can’t wait for this! Already plan on cosplaying Clarie!

Also; a hybrid dino? Must be Goliath! :stuck_out_tongue:

I fully expect an updated version of this:

after this film comes out


So jurassic world is coming out in June and I’m definitely going to watch it cause I think it’s going to be amazing but I want to know what you guys think about the movie so far.

Jurassic movies are all to be worshiped. I have high expectations, and frankly I doubt I’ll be let down.

Though that’s purely my appreciation for dinosaurs. I actually have no clue on how good the movie will be. I think as long as I see a dino I’ll be in love. #BiasedBeyondBelief

I’m looking forward to it, probably gonna wait for more reviews before I decide whether to see it though

Side note, there was already a topic about this but it’s very small

Meh. It’s reboot season. I’ll probably still see it, but I’m quite skeptical.

Apparently they’re gonna be showing a new trailer during the super bowel

Same here, I’m a huge dinosaur and dragon fan

:smiley: Starlord wearing Hunter Vest … Amazing !!
The Best I found is something like that, here is more Jurassic World Vest Images

I will definitely see the movie cause I’ve always been a fan. Not too sure if I like him training raptors though. : \

What about the third one :p?

Yea I’m looking forward to it too. I can’t wait to see the tylosaurus!!! Seeing that thing in an aquarium was always my childhood dream!

The massive necro is real !!!

But man this movie’s gonna be good…

Oh crap did not know man. I’m use to thread on front page and this is!

Could be worst, ive seen 1 year necros.