Jurassic World : The Game


Well for those of you who don’t know about me, I’m kind of into dinosaurs. And by that I mean I have an over-obsession over them…

Jurassic World : The Game has officially came out on IOS today in the USA ( @Quirkly ) . For Australians, it has been out for about a month or so. I have had the game (I created an Australian Apple ID) and I can say it is pretty cool! Now is my opinion biast? Probably. But nevertheless, you should try it anyway.

I guess we should use this thread to discuss all stuff Jurassic World : The Game… (Will make another thread for the movie soon, don’t worry. :wink: ) Download it and try it! Tell me what you think, and maybe give it a rating.


I hate you so much :smile:
Stupid Apple, always shafting me on technicalities -.-


No android?



Seems legit. I have no idea if they will release it on android at a later date… Is Jurassic Park Builder on Android? If so… they should be adding it…


I had no idea this was a thing, but apparently the builder is available on Android



Uploading like a billion pictures to make you guys jealous. This is going to take a while :anguished:




All of you and your dinosaur addictions… I don’t understand it. ^.-


^.^ Does anyone? DANGIT… Now I’m tempted to change my profile pic again from Fall of Cybertron Shockwave to a dinosaur… But then again… I would never be able to pick xD

Also guys, they actually have different feeding animations by type of dinosaur( Theropods, such as T-rex, stuff their face in a box full of meat, Sauropods {Long Necks} eat from trees, Shorter Herbivores eat from bushes, etc.), and you can zoom in on their cute little faces, punch them (If you are a soulless monster) and pet them. Still have more to unlock and progress through this story, which, surprisingly, only reveals characters, and not too much of the plot… (I think…?)

EDIT : There is also Amphibians and Pterosaurs in the game!


My favorite dino is the spino. Also this is me when I’m angry



Can’T wait to see the movie this year :blush: ! Huge Jurassic Park fan. Should give this game a try


Please tell me this game is free.


It looks like it’s free, but with micro transactions, so it may be p2w


Isn’t that all mobile games.


Just go with grimlock then


100% free. Not really Pay to play from what I’ve seen…

@xino_zero My three baes. Grimlock is the GIF when you click on my pic ^^ and Shockwave is profile pic, while Soundwave (can’t decide between anime or movie) is my cover photo on profile page.


MFW game requires iOS 7 and I have 4th gen iPod @Videogamer954


Umm… This looks a lot like the old PC game Jurassic Park Genesis… like… a lot ><


I loved that game :cry:


I’m a fan of… everything Jurassic Park related… I don’t know why, I just am…

I’m STILL awaiting someone to put together an open world jurassic park with base building elements or at least survivor elements… but all I get are broken hopes and dashed deams…

I don’t think I’ve seen a “good” jurassic park game since SNES.

A game where you could actually 3D explore the island, run from dinosaurs, puzzle your way through the game, and eventually escape.