Jurassic World : The Game

Well for those of you who don’t know about me, I’m kind of into dinosaurs. And by that I mean I have an over-obsession over them…

Jurassic World : The Game has officially came out on IOS today in the USA ( @Quirkly ) . For Australians, it has been out for about a month or so. I have had the game (I created an Australian Apple ID) and I can say it is pretty cool! Now is my opinion biast? Probably. But nevertheless, you should try it anyway.

I guess we should use this thread to discuss all stuff Jurassic World : The Game… (Will make another thread for the movie soon, don’t worry. :wink: ) Download it and try it! Tell me what you think, and maybe give it a rating.

I hate you so much :smile:
Stupid Apple, always shafting me on technicalities -.-


No android?



Seems legit. I have no idea if they will release it on android at a later date… Is Jurassic Park Builder on Android? If so… they should be adding it…

I had no idea this was a thing, but apparently the builder is available on Android


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Uploading like a billion pictures to make you guys jealous. This is going to take a while :anguished:



All of you and your dinosaur addictions… I don’t understand it. ^.-

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^.^ Does anyone? DANGIT… Now I’m tempted to change my profile pic again from Fall of Cybertron Shockwave to a dinosaur… But then again… I would never be able to pick xD

Also guys, they actually have different feeding animations by type of dinosaur( Theropods, such as T-rex, stuff their face in a box full of meat, Sauropods {Long Necks} eat from trees, Shorter Herbivores eat from bushes, etc.), and you can zoom in on their cute little faces, punch them (If you are a soulless monster) and pet them. Still have more to unlock and progress through this story, which, surprisingly, only reveals characters, and not too much of the plot… (I think…?)

EDIT : There is also Amphibians and Pterosaurs in the game!

My favorite dino is the spino. Also this is me when I’m angry


Can’T wait to see the movie this year :blush: ! Huge Jurassic Park fan. Should give this game a try


Please tell me this game is free.

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It looks like it’s free, but with micro transactions, so it may be p2w

Isn’t that all mobile games.

Just go with grimlock then

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100% free. Not really Pay to play from what I’ve seen…

@xino_zero My three baes. Grimlock is the GIF when you click on my pic ^^ and Shockwave is profile pic, while Soundwave (can’t decide between anime or movie) is my cover photo on profile page.

MFW game requires iOS 7 and I have 4th gen iPod @Videogamer954



Umm… This looks a lot like the old PC game Jurassic Park Genesis… like… a lot ><


I loved that game :cry:


I’m a fan of… everything Jurassic Park related… I don’t know why, I just am…

I’m STILL awaiting someone to put together an open world jurassic park with base building elements or at least survivor elements… but all I get are broken hopes and dashed deams…

I don’t think I’ve seen a “good” jurassic park game since SNES.

A game where you could actually 3D explore the island, run from dinosaurs, puzzle your way through the game, and eventually escape.