Jurassic World: The Game/Jurassic Park Builder


So who plays these? I’ve got them both on iOS. They are on Android. Builder is my favorite because unlike World, you aren’t forced to pay to get farther in the game. Like, seriously, $50 for an Aquatic Pack and Legendary Pack? And you gotta get to like, the top 1% in special events to get an Aquatic creature. Battle stage 19, a freaking Tyrannosaurus Rex, level 30, around a thousand health and four hundred something attack? Plus the some of the events, on the last fight, the AI will always beat you when they are on their last dinosaur. I am considering hacking the game so I can progress. If all the stuff I complained about was changed, then I would be happier.


Just checked the Microsoft store for these on my phone… no surprise, we don’t have them to download. :cry:


I still wish they made a Jurrasic Park: Operation Genesis 2. It’s a great park building game, just a little basic at times. :smile:


I absolutely love JP OG, such a great game. I still play it too at times. That’s the good thing about it being older, you don’t need internet for it.