Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


The T. rex would be liable to do so after the initial scene where it escapes and eats Gennaro, but the raptors are likely to behave more like wolves and roam around hunting for prey items. Depending on location and circumstance, it’s not unreasonable to think they’d go after humans, seeing as we look pretty defenseless, and we know Velociraptor would hunt animals a bit larger than itself, given that they hunted Protoceratops.

Dinosaurs are hardly familiar. We know they existed, but they’re not a part of the world we live in, save for birds. Sharks are a bit more familiar, but because they live in a totally different medium, we rarely have to deal with them. That’s why so few people are actually killed by sharks.


I would personally switch out Velociraptor for the Utahraptor.
Maybe switch Compies out with Velociraptors?


I stuck with Velociraptor for that example because we have fossil evidence of them going after bigger animals than themselves, but necessarily very large animals. I dunno what we have for Utahraptor, but I agree that it or at least Deinonychus (which is closer to what the book had) would be far better raptors for JP.


I said Utah because of the size factor, and the overall build of the animal. Deinonychus is still rather small compared to the movies raptors.


Indeed. Though, given what we know about Utahraptor, it might have been more like a bear than the sleek speed demons JP’s raptors are intended to be.


That shot of Rexy crippling the Carnotaurus is freaking awesome. I cheered the first time I watched that.


Utahraptors are much bigger then JPs raptors, in hight, length and weight. Not to mention they’re built like tanks.


In terms of size, not really.

In overall build, yes they are quite different. But in terms of having a man sized raptor, there’s not a whole of options that aren’t Dakotaraptor (an animal quickly becoming overrated if not already).


Not to mention that its validity as a genus has been called into question.


Haven’t heard that one before.


Yes really, in terms of height just look to the fallen kingdom trailer, blue Is a fair bit shorter then 6ft. In terms of length, well that’s obvious, if I remember correctly JPs raptors are around 4m long compared to utah’s 6-7m long. The build is also obvious.

Also dakotaraptors genus has never really been called into question, it’s a fair bit different from the smaller raptor walking about hell creek.


Last I heard, some scientists were saying it was a chimera of sorts. Dunno how true that is, and I don’t remember my source, though.


It just looks like a bunch of stupid fun. I wouldn’t have high expectations for this movie. Just go into it wanting to have a good time at it will probably be enjoyable. It’s probably not gonna be a “good” movie from the looks of it.


A velociraptor won’t just constantly be hunting. Animals do a lot of nothing most of the day usually. They will hint when hungry but generally probably leave you alone.


I am aware of this. However, they have to go out and kill something eventually. If the human protagonists are within their view when that happens, then there’s your tension.


But wouldn’t that give the impression of the murderous monster trope you wanted to avoid though?


Not really. If the raptors were shown engaging in other behaviors at other times, it’d be clear that they weren’t just monsters.


While I would agree with it most certainly, the issue I see is movie run time. We can only have so much. I feel the movies have already tried too to some extent.


Such a scene would literally only need to last for a few seconds. We just need to see the raptors doing something normal animals do.


Ah but the book already has a section like this towards the end.
When the main characters go into the nest, see the babies and juvis, and all of the raptors are engaged in non muder-y activities. Was a big part of ending the book, part of the main plot.