Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


I literally have a screenshot showing it in the post.

Here it is again then:

And as I said, it looks like either a Allosaurus or a Carnotaurus. Horns above the eyes, both traits of the 2 dinos.


No possible way it is an Allo.


What about this dino? Barionix/Suchonomus?




The bottom picture is clearly DC’s next origin movie starring Croc :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh hell yes, about time we got a movie on him. First it was Aquaman in JL, now Croc. Next comes the Teen Titans movie :smiling_imp:


Doesn’t look like a bari to me.


None of the JP dinosaurs really look like the animal they’re supposed to represent. With that narrow skull, that has to be some kind of spinosaur.

Allosaurus had much smaller horns, and it didn’t have osteoderms on its back.


Most of the bigger ones look pretty much spot on.

The herbivores, the t rex, and the carno looked pretty good.


The T. rex’s skull is the wrong shape, the Carnotaurus’s skull is shaped like a tyrannosaur’s, and all of the dinosaurs are horribly shrinkwrapped. They look more like glorified lizards than actual dinosaurs. They’re recognizable as the animals they’re supposed to be, but when you really look at them, they’re only about as close to life as a Charles R. Knight painting.


I’d say Sucho.
This is what a Baryonyx should look like

Notice the crest, although JW could just not have the crest.


Side by side comparison looks pretty close.


Jurassic Park has had some problems, notably the lack of binocular vision. Also the lack of lips, the eye ridge is a bit exaggerated I believe.
Looking at two games that are both fairly accurate (within the realms of what paleontology allows), Saurian and Prehistoric Kingdom.

Teeth covered up by lips, binocular vision which was so important for T.rex, and also just looks better imo.


Based on size I’d say Baryonyx, but JP doesn’t follow normal sizing rules as per the raptors and Dilophosaurus. When you view the side profile image of this dinosaur and look where it is heading, you can see at least one human running by or taking cover from the heat of the molten lead all around. This dino is shorter than a JP Rex so it can’t be a Spino…but a Sucho is huge like a rex. Then again the angle might be all off in that image.

I’m hoping it’s a Baryonyx personally, but it’s made much more evil looking…much like how the Indominus was, so this could be a hybrid creature mixed with Baryonx.



False. The one on the right doesn’t have skin :smiley:


The JP rex’s skull is too short, and its upper jaw is too deep. The sides of its head above its cheeks and the ridges over its eyes are too exaggerated. Its teeth are in the wrong proportions. It’s a caricature of the real thing.


I think a lot of people here are overlooking he fact that JP is based off of genetic modification. The dinos are suppose to look altered and not like the IRL counterparts.

JP/JW is based off of scary, not realism.


Doesn’t help that most people base their idea off of Jurassic Park/World. For many people, those are dinosaurs.
That’s the problem.


That was just an excuse squeezed into JW to explain why the dinosaurs were inaccurate. Part of why they had to say that was because they couldn’t make accurate dinosaurs because that would fuck with continuity. JP fucked up science hard, even for its time, so they had to explain it.

And if you think real dinosaurs wouldn’t be scary, imagine an eagle the size of a dog with a face full of needles and scimitars on its feet.


Well then I missed the memo where splicing dna from different animals would bring around a natural animal. If they said Frog DNA + Dino DNA = Dino a la real, then you’d have a point, but they did not explicitly say that the Dilophosaurus was 100% accurate to real life.

Or the foundation that JP isn’t based off real life, because gene splicing isn’t even possible today, at least at the scale of in JP. If you’re worried about continuity, then you better turn away from Hollywood because franchises like Hunger Games or Harry Potter don’t even follow the books’ layout, let alone real life…

And it makes sense. They weren’t time traveling back in time to bring back real dinos, they brought back an extinct era of animals via science that doesn’t work in reality, period. Stop being hung up like it’s real life or that its even remotely based off real life/science.

Where did I say they weren’t? You implied that because I said the JP movies geared towards fear than real life.

Does this shot matter less if the Trex has feathers? The camera angles play into a movie too ya’know, not just the plot and fake science that’s separate from real life. JP is a movie, and thus has movie elements, and the designs of the dinos also play into the the mood of the movie. Stop getting so caught up in how a movie is different from reality.