Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


This, combined with the above average stupidity of a lot of characters (Amanda, Billy), makes JP3 worse than TLW:JP for me.

There’s plenty more (Spino wrecking Rex), but I won’t go into that :stuck_out_tongue:


I did like the idea of someone surviving on their own. T-Rex pee bomb was pretty cool. But yes, the Hey Allen thing was pretty dumb.


The kid wasn’t bad. In fact, why wasn’t the movie about him and maybe another survivor or two?


Thats what I say :slight_smile:


I hate that the film industry has gotten to the point where trailers get their own trailers. Can’t we just get hyped for a film like regular human beings without it being shoved in our faces?

You mean like every dinosaur in the movie? Because they all look like shit.


I’m not talking about looks, I’m talking about a super smart Dinosaur that has predator cloaking technology apparently :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean, a predator that big with the camouflage abilities of an octopus would be pretty scary; especially when you’d consider that such a complex nervous system would also make them incredibly intelligent, like the aforementioned squishy boys. The idea was just handled somewhat poorly.


True, and I’m fine with the Frankenstein abilities of mashing things together, but it was just not a good end product.


I enjoyed them all, I dunno if it’s because of the dinos though.

Here I am just glad that I be gettin another dankis park movie. I don’t care that the San Diego incident was overlooked in each movie, or the Spino beating the TRex, as that wasn’t the OG TRex from the first movie (actually the one in TLW wasn’t either, only in JW). Hell yeah.



Holy shit I can’t wait. Even with Malcolm back, I’m hyped. I see they added the Allosaurus/Carnotarus:

Even a Barionix/Suchonomus:

Then of course there’s the “good gurl” Trex that acts like a protagonist which is really just out for her own agenda and just happens to not focus on the main people (Chris and Bryce and the other few people). OR the Barionix/Suchonomus I showed above is actually another InGen hybrid like the IRex but more weaponized whereas the IRex was just for show.

I’m not sure i can wait for 6 more months though…


Oh also here’s an extended trailer:


Just seems, boring.


Glad to see they’re adding new plot elements like conservation to keep it from getting stale. Hopefully, it’ll be better than the last one. Or history will just repeat itself, and JP will get yet another shitty sequel.

What Allosaurus? Also, they’re really adding the Carnotaurus without giving it a chance to use the color-changing powers it had in the book? That was under-utilized in literally every film so far. There was this creepy scene where the Carnotaurus were waiting outside the protagonists’ tent; why can’t we have something like that?


I dunno if it’s late and I’m tired or my dyslexia is kicking in but I’m having a real problem understanding what you said, lmao.

I’m simply saying that they added new dinos, either existing ones or more hybrids, compared to the previous movie (or in the case of the JP universe, like the Spino addition from JP3).

I’m confused.


Never understood the hate for the trex city scene of the second one.


I think it’s more because it wasn’t brought up in the 3rd movie or the JW movie (With Malcolm being in JW2, it’s possible that it might be bright up). I guess people felt the way the movie ended was awkward.

At least it’s a consistency within the storyline thing, whereas I know people who hate JP3 more because the Spino killed the Trex…

However each of the JP movies have a very good plot to them, you just can’t get hung up on small details or oversights otherwise you start hating the movie for very dull reasons like the people who hate TLW or JP3. No other dino movie has done what the JP/JW franchise has done, so hating on it is just being too anal.


I always liked the city scene as the homage to the original it was basically a remake of.



I’m saying that I didn’t see any Allosaurus in the trailer. You said there was one, but I didn’t see it.