Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


Surprised no one has posted about this yet. Let’s hope this one will be just as good as the last one!


Split on this.
Not saying anything till release.
I do like the other trailer has an animatronic though.


I kinda wish they would do something a little new and not just rehash nostalgic moments. Case in point, it’s almost the same scene as when Grant and the Kids are running from the Gallimimus in the first movie just with more stuff in the background.

Like the 4th movie wasn’t bad, but it didn’t really add anything. The villain was tacked in and the super dinosaur was fairly dumb in design. Oh and also outrunning in High Heels :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m personally just questioning why and how the hell they kept the park open lol.


Because money + dinosaurs :stuck_out_tongue: Also, never underestimate the public IQ and ability to have short term memory loss regarding horrific accidents.


I may be wrong, but I suspect this will be closer to the Lost World in terms of setting.

A secondary park that was potentially under construction, and once the incident happened, it was all shut down, and now there’s some reason why they need to go there.

I personally would walk out of the theatre if the movie opened, and it was about that park still being open. There’s only so much suspension of belief I could handle, and if that is the case, that would make no sense.


I doubt it’s the same as well. However, the first 3 movies are also canon so why people keep doing this is beyond me. but it makes sense that a volcano being on an island that wasn’t part of the ‘park’ makes sense to. I just hope the T-Rex in NYC is better than what was in number 2. Also no Gymnastics killing raptors… Oh and please… please no 50 minute long cliff scene…


Yeah, the movie world is very much stuck in “Nostalgic feels” era.

I like Jurassic World, but nowhere near the same level as the first 1.

It would not surprise me if this goes the “Lost world” route, and somehow a dinosaur ends up in a city.

Side note to all of this, when I saw Jurassic World in theatres, as they were hunting whateverasauaraus someone yelled out “Spore cloud incoming”

So that was a fun moment.


Hopefully if they do the dinosaur in the city thing it won’t be as bad as the one in the 2nd movie, but I hope it doesn’t try and out Godzilla Godzilla.


I think this might take place on the same island…only due to the transporter pod vehicle…but then again there were other islands where the dinos were grown and shipped to the main park, so it could go either way. We know the military now has its eyes on the park, and the genetic modifications and such are possibly giving the new films a darker turn…reminding me of former per-production ideas for sequels that I do hope don’t come to pass.

I am thinking that Chris Pratt’s character wants to go find Blue because the military wants it, or perhaps the military is capturing and transporting animals, running experiments, or causing genetic mutations, etc. so Pratt’s gotta go save Blue…at least that is what the trailer makes me think when they show baby Blue.

I think a rescue mission is the basis for this film, be if for the animals or people.


What you mean this crap? :stuck_out_tongue:



I had to stop that video you posted. The person’s voice around the 2 min mark just killed me :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, THAT. I don’t think the idea has been completely scrapped because in the last film we know that the Indominus was crossed with many things…possibly even human DNA.


He has…a unique voice, that’s for sure. His audience is largely for kiddos. Just mute it and watch…at the end is baby Blue which I think is a flashback which will be in the film, as well as the new dinosaur running from the volcano also, and transported Rex.


Never been a fan of the gaming beaver. Bestinslot is far more mature in terms of dinosaur content. Also this movie dropped the ball in terms of not adding a feathered Utahraptor. Indoraptor ain’t as cool as a huge killer Utahraptor. Blue is apparently going to be skinnier in this film (being out in the wild and not a zoo) so a Utah would dwarf her in length and bulk if the JP3 raptor designs are anything to go by. Not to mention introducing the public to feathers (feathers not being scary is a non argument, tigers have fur yet they’re still feared).


Probably has more to do with the CGI budget than anything.


Because something else happens and people move on to the next bad news, and then onto the next, since bad news is so relevant.

Anyways, I’m H Y P E D

As a Jurassic Park fanboi I’ll still like it regardless of whether it’s good or not. Hell, I’m just hyped to get another movie on dinos. I actually joining the internet when the JP4 rumor went around. I remember it like it was yesterday, Jurassic Park 4: Extinction. :laughing:

Trailer comes out Thursdays too. :wink:


This reminds me that I still need to watch Jurassic World.


Go for it. As other’s have said, it’s probably not as good as the first, but by far better than the third, and also better than the second one

IMHO: JP>JW>TLW:JP>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>JP3


JP3 was better only because it didn’t have a stupid gymnastic girl and a dumb cliff scene that felt like it lasted for ages :stuck_out_tongue: Take those out and 2 is arguably better.