Jurassic World Evolution Announcement Trailer


I follow the game very closely.
This is diverging from the topic though.


Ok anyway can wind turbines be rotated to any direction?


And will they also add terraforming biomes and jeeps that can kill dinosaurs by running over them


Anyways can’t wait for the jurassic patch update


The gods have blessed us.

The second coming of our messiah is already under way.

Praise raptor Jesus
He has delivered us from evil (ark)
And given us a chance at redemption in the form of Jurassic park operation Genesis two.



Still very cautious.
As someone who likes accuracy and the dinosaurs being animals, the trailer did nothing for me. There is no word on gameplay, what it looks like, or how it works on consoles.


Little bit of information.


Unless there’s a feature that allows you to decide whether a dinosaur has feathers or not, there most likely won’t be feathers on the dinos. The JW film didn’t put feathers on its dinosaurs, so why would the game?


I never mentioned feathers.



Decent Edmonto and Ceratosaurus, but a horrible excuse for a Deinonychus. Why did they ever think a crest would be a good idea on it!?
Also no gameplay, so basically it’s an art gallery at this point in my eyes. And as such, I will buy it for PS4 if I buy it, so I can watch stuff.


I’m liking that Ceratosaurus a lot.


So, the game is now properly released to the public. What does everyone think? IGN gave it a 4.8/10 but it’s IGN so it doesn’t matter. Other people seem to have reached the consensus of 7/10 so far.

I’m both happy and disappointed. You can tell the game was rushed to release with a lack of features and animations. even if everything is well polished it feels empty.


I’ve seen some videos that make it look fun. :+1:t3:


I played the E3 build and got to meet a few of the devs. It’s decent. Has a solid core. But there are some issues that it has. Namely there isn’t much challenge. The beauty of an amusement park simulator is that there is a correlation between keeping guests happy, attracting them, and making money to grow. Here, it’s more about the dinosaurs (Which is cool), but there isn’t much of a challenge. Its basically an excuse to make carnivores go nuts on other dinos/players.

However, the biggest issues are EASILY fixable down the road. Just that there isn’t much to do right now but with the things they did for planetcoaster I can see them making good additions. I did talk to them about some ideas that would be neat to have and they kinda confirmed without confirming them so I’m hopefully.

They are adding free dlc down the line, one of which is on the 22nd of this month. Includes like 6 new dinos and a few other things.

That being said, I got a t-shirt from them (They were out of small cuz I wanted to give one to my son) and I’m sure I’ll pick it up since he LOVES Planet coaster so this seems like a no brainer.


Good core, lacks a lot of stuff.
I and many others blane Universal wanting to get this out before Fallen Kingdom releases state side.
Add more behaviors and animations to dinos, make guests interact and behave at least somewhat better than they do, etc. We’ll see if they improve it


I havent played it but it looks fun. Needs a little more to do. If they add some more content I will consider it.


Mind you, I haven’t played the game, this is solely based on what I read online and what I’ve heard from friends. But this:

makes sense. They needed to match the movie, so a set deadline is even more lethal in that case. However

This seems to be the consensus, and that’s very good. Because as said, it’s easier to expand on stuff if the stuff is already good. If the core is crap, you’d need far more time to first fix, and then expand it. Now, they can just focus on fattening the game more and more with the already good stuff


I would totally get it for like 30 ‘MAYBE’ 40 bucks, but right not 55 is WAY too high :frowning: Once it gets fleshed out more and on sale it should be good.