Jurassic World Evolution Announcement Trailer


Spring 2018 for PC, XB1 and PS4



I am both somewhat excited and nervous.
Excited because it’s another dinosaur park building game (even if it is Jurassic World)
Nervous cause it may overshadow Prehistoric Kingdom, due to it being a AAA dinosaur park building game.
Been talking in the PK discord about it, it’s going to be interesting.


There were exactly two dinosaurs games I can say were good.

#2 Dino Crisis
#1 Cadillac’s and Dinosaurs


Jurassic Park Operation Genesis has a cult following in the dinosaur gaming community.
Lot of us grew up with that game, or played it religiously for a long time.


Oh I member, but I was the snes crew and well if it wasn’t MK 2, Street Fighter or Alladin… The genesis had it beat in those gamses


I used to play this game a shittonne when young :joy:


I think I crying guys,I waited so long for a successor for JP:Operation Genesis and now is finally coming.

P.s:Once more the universe shows us that we are the generation of miracles and dreams.

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I take it back… there was one ULTIMATE Dinosaur Game…
and I loved the fog effect with the invasion forces


I’ll be happy setting dinosaurs loose on people complaining that my burgers and rides cost too much :smiley:
(I love the Roller coaster Tycoon games btw) The only downside is I loved the RCT games more for being able to build my own roller coaster than the theme park section of the game, so this isn’t super appealing, but may be something down the line for me.


"The visitors aren’t seing any dinosaurs"
Me:Oh really?
Puts a T-rex right in front of the entrance

Does anyone remember of the tornados? Those thing were scary as hell.


Also, I’ve read an article that the game is being developed by Frontier Development, the same devs who made Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous : https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/08/jurassic-world-evolution-frontier/

As a reference, Planet Coaster is considered one of the best tycoon coaster games right now: http://store.steampowered.com/app/493340/Planet_Coaster/ (it put Roller Coaster Tycoon World from Atari out of business: http://store.steampowered.com/app/282560/RollerCoaster_Tycoon_World/)


Message from Dr. Grant.

You’ve never played the game if you didn’t hear that in the voice


Yes! I loved JPOG. I bought it for PS2, but when it came to getting the PC copy, I had to download it from some dude on YT. $500 was insane for a single game with no bonuses.

I’m going to try to get a PS4 copy and PC copy (so I can mod, I love the ones for JPOG). Site B and Death Duels should make a return from the first game.


It’s Jurassis Park. Of course death battles will be in it.



As someone who has been playing the Mobile game for 2/3 years now, I need to own 2 parks now.

Plus it comes to PC too!!! >:D:DDD

Sign me up boiii


Could this be the Zoo tycoon replacement I’ve been looking for?

I’ve been waiting for a tycoon game that involves Dinos or animals to come to the consoles (Cause I don’t have a PC) that would be fun and this looks like it!

And I swear to god if someone mentions that Zoo tycoon was already on consoles I will murder you we don’t talk about that mistake.


I will still love PK even if JWE is released


Hello I’m new here I see ur game it’s awesome but I have a suggestion can u pls add prehistoric turtles like Meiolania,pappochelys,and carbonemys and also some mammals like Arsinoitherium,Chalicotherium,Procoptodon,Diprotodon,palorchestes,Thylacoleo,rusingoryx,and hippopotamus gorgops pls sorry for many


I ain’t a dev and animal suggestions aren’t being taken in. Not worth talking about when it is so far off.


Sorry I thought u were a Dev How coney know info about PK though are u an admin