Jupiter Came in like a Wrecking ball - What If Jupiter Never Existed?


Jupiter I don’t know who’s side you’re on.


Seems cool. But I have trouble believing much of what scientist say about space. There is just too much what ifs.


That’s the beauty of it all, at least for me. The idea that we only know so little and can learn so much about all the constants and variables.


I often wonder though, we people make a lot of assumptions about space or anything really. What if because we get so caught up on the idea of something that we ended up being wrong about that it skews all future information?

For example: The big bang. Its a widely believed hypothesis that it occurred and as such any information on space we extract has to fall in line for how we think we know this big bang worked and that could lead to being horrendously wrong about what is actually out there.

Now I’m not saying that the big bang hypothesis is wrong but I still don’t see what merit it has to be so widely regarded as fact.


The way that science works is that someone comes up with an idea (i.e. the Big Bang) and then people set about trying to either recreate or disprove the theory. In true scientific pursuit the reality is actually the opposite of what you’re saying, something isn’t taken as a given until it’s absolutely proven to be more than a theory. Until that point scientists will poke and prod at all the available data to try and see if there’s a reason why the theory shouldn’t exist, or if it does indeed support the theory.

The actual beauty of space is that it’s all mathematics mixed with physics. We don’t yet know all of the physics (though right now we’re barrelling through discoveries on a yearly basis), but the maths on what we do know is pretty solid. It’s the reason that back in the time of the Greeks they were able to make a machine that accurately predicted when there would be solar eclipses, and why right now we can rely on computers to accurately tell us the same information, and how I can now get my lowly web server to tell me when the sunset and sunrise time will be and it be absolutely accurate!

For those in the UK, look out for this documentary if it ever comes back on:


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Look at all these stuff that I have to read through now, damn you @niaccurshi for preying on my curiosity.


A scientific theory is much more solid than the way we typically use the word theory.


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