Jungle Buff Clarity


Hey guys, I was just wondering something from the Beta : As far as I remember, you couldn’t tell which buff you would get from elite jungle if you don’t know which animal goes with which buff. I was wondering if some color code might be interesting to use for the hunters.

I’m mostly saying this to avoid people from taking the damage boost with the medic or some things like this, I know people will get used to the buffs but a little clarity like a blue “!” for jetpack recharge or a red for damage would help, at least in the beginning of the game, right ?


They’ve added the ability to know which perk you would be getting when eating/picking it up.


Really ? I didn’t know that, well then my question is already answered then, good to know they already added it !


Ya, in one of the more recent streams it has text when you are looking at the perk icon/creature in question.


To add to what was said, and I was initially confused about this too, multiple people can pick up the buff from a fallen creature. So if you drop a monster with a damage buff, there’s no reason for you not to take it, the entire team can have it at once.


When I played in groups, the trapper (me) was the designated checker, since they’re not really looking for anything in particular. I would pick up every perk as we found it, and tell them what it was. xD
Good to hear they made it easier, though I don’t think picking things up blindly was all that bad imo. Kind of like taking a risk :smiley:


I need to be up with the beat guys. In what situation would it be bad to pick up a perk as a hunter, unless you already had a good perk you wanted to keep?


It wouldn’t? But knowing which perk it is is important so you don’t replace a decent perk with a bad one, or a good one with a decent one. O.o; It could go both ways but that’s the gamble.


What is an Elite jungle exactly?


[quote=“CarNo65, post:9, topic:25244, full:true”]
What is an Elite jungle exactly?
[/quote]AKA elite wildlife

In mobas there are jungle buffs and OP was mixing up terminology.


Should probably be edited or closed, but meh. Proceed to murder every animal ever in search of the perfect perk <3


Albino Monsters, Usually identified with a White + sign above their heads, as a hunter you walk over and press (default button) or monster you Eat it and receive an additional benefit to your character. This ranges from health regeneration to Jet pack recharge speed.