Jump bug as monster


I’ve noticed on a few occasions, mainly as Goliath and the odd one as kraken, when jumping and maybe hitting the edge of cliff or top of a waterfall, the jump is crazy. It seems to deflect directly upwards but as if it’s 3 jumps in one. Anyone seen this?


I’ve actually been messing around in solo play while waiting for my internet to make a recovery (ISP servers were down) and I’ve got a “one-up” story for ya.

I’ve been Elite-ing characters, and I started with Goliath. Before the patch, I did the following glitch once in around 12 matches, after the patch I can nearly do it intentionally.

Glitch: While playing Goliath and fighting a team of: Griffin/Lazarus/Hyde/Bucket (occasionally i swapped Griffin for Maggie, but i’m pretty sure you need harpoons/harpoon traps to make this glitch happen) I would get harpooned and try to jump and melee to free myself at the same time. The result… my Goliath began moving at insane speeds (like Skyrim with a walking speed mod… it just looked/felt weird). Once i figured out how to control him again, i realized that it wears off after about 30 seconds.

Just imagine though, zipping around 3x as fast as you’re supposed to as Goliath. Ofc usually it only happened in combat, and i’m not 100% sure how to make it happen on command yet…

Also to lend credibility to your glitch, when i got the game on the 10th of Feb. I was playing Customs to unlock everyone ASAP (all Hunters/Monsters before level 10 : D) and when i had to play Kraken to unlock Wraith i would occasionally jump up to fly near a rock (like you would normally climb the rock and then fly) and find myself flung like a slingshot in the direction of my “jump” but without doing any of the flying stuff so it looked like i was standing still in place while moving super fast to a new position.


I see this pretty often when I play as Goliath. Hitting corners or cliff edges in certain ways seems to send monsters flying crazy distances. There’s actually a video(link will take you to relevant part of video) of a comeback someone posted earlier today that actually shows this happening. Although in this one the goliath just goes straight up after charging into a small cliff and melee attacking a hunter.


Old bug. It’s related to the heavy attack animation while harpooned/jumping.


Which basically allows you to kind of slingshot with your jump.

Game physics logic @Chamballs


I’ve had this happen more than a few times. Normally it’s welcomed, occassionally annoying . I covered probably a quarter or a third of wraith trap with a single jump once. I can’t replicate it, but I had a laugh imagining reactions of the hunters as my goliath left earth and never returned.


I have had this happen several times, though I can never replicate it. It happens pretty often sometimes multiple times in the same fight. It has been pretty helpful most times as it seems to work better at stage one and two. But it can be really annoying when I am chasing a hunter and suddenly I become superman trying to hit the moon.


Indeed, I confirm a jump bug, mainly as Kraken for me. It often happened when I initiate a fly at low altitude. And so, the monster crossed the map with high speed as if there were not any “wall collision” to stop it…
But when this event occured close to an obstacle, the monster is on its “jump animation” for several second. During this time, if the hunters are close, it is impossible to move, to escape. During this time, the monster is completely vunerable.


It happens to me too as goliath, most of time it’s when I’m fighting an elite, when elite dies and I’m still pushing direction buttons, my goliath go crazy