July 7th stream in text form


I wont be able to watch the stream due to work, just like many others. If the people that can watch it could put the details here as they come out, many people would appreciate it!


I’ll set up a wiki if no one else does


Sure… TU09 comes out next week… Done.



Guys these are off topic. I’d appreciate it if we could keep this clean.


To be fair, it would have made more sense to create this tomorrow before the stream, because otherwise unless you update it, it will be buried with lots of other posts about what is going on. Personally, I would close this and wait about 15 minutes before the stream goes live and then create this topic. But I’m just a cow :frowning:


Not to be an Ah0l3 here but keep it clean for what? noone will post what you ask here no offence :stuck_out_tongue:
At best you will get some links to official Summer Udate notes, tube vids etc etc. etc.
Why making a thread for something that will be so huge that it will be in every single first page in this forum? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I can’t say I’ll be on it 100% But I’ll see if I can get some extra homework done and if @chrono doesn’t do it then yea, I’ll help out :slight_smile:


Thanks bud.
Could we clean up some of these posts that do not contain stream info? I don’t want to be that guy that just doles out off-topic flags left and right.


As soon as you get home you can re-watch the stream. I am sure it will be archived.




Better to clean it up tomorrow or just close this one and create a new one in the morning.


Thanks boss. Can I count on you to get that done in the morning? The whole reason I made this thread today is because I won’t have a chance to be on tomorrow morning


Sure, no problem.


Feel free to close this. I got tomorrow off.


Congrats :slight_smile: I’ll see you around on twitch perhaps :smiley: