Jukezilla Challenge!


##Hey to all you Monster players out there! Show me your moves!

Do you think you have the skills to pull of the title of Jukezilla? So you think you can break ankles better than anybody else? Then prove it! Show off those Ninja skills and be rewarded! Here’s what you gotta do:

  • Make a video of you juking out the Hunters in either the most stylish way possible, by being a pure Ninja, or just by hiding in plain sight.

  • Submit the video here!

  • No platform restrictions, Legacy Evolve is allowed.

Pretty simple, have some fun with it and be creative. The contest ends on July 30th. Good luck to those who enter!


Challenge… accepted…


Does it have to be Stage 2?

If not, then:



How much were you sweating when that happened?


Probably a fair amount :smile:

I’m honestly surprised the person on the far right didn’t spot me


Exactly, especially with Armor glow I would of been jumpscared and then started fighting. Other they are blind or HAAAX :stuck_out_tongue: jk


Ikr, I just wanted to see if I could actually pull it off and it worked to my surprise :stuck_out_tongue:


Challenge Accepted! As soon as the update is finished downloading :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry to be that guy, but:

This type of gameplay is personally what I, and others, when playing either against or as, the monster miss.

People are saying this ISN’T what Stage 2 is about now and shouldn’t be done. There is no stealth etc as it’s boring for the players, as the monster does this until stage 3 etc etc etc.

So encouraging people to start showing video’s of them doing this in Stage 2, and showing others how to do it. Is great for me by all means, as it means I can start playing craft again, but the crowd that hate it, will get upset.

Then we have make Planet scan a shorter cool down, and a can of worms is opened.

So, if Stage 2 is said to be moving AWAY from this type of gameplay, is this sort of thing wise?

Just putting it out there since some of this morning i’ve been debating the cons of not having stealth anymore with people who’ve said it’s better that it’s gone.

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There’s a reason I said Challenge Accepted :3

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You win this challenge and completely boss the match like the ultimate Ninja Gaiden and I will dub thee Master when ever I address you on this forum sir!

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I will try to fulfill mah destiny!


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More! I want to see more! :wink:

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It doesn’t have to be stage 2.

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What the fuckin what what?! Da fuq is wrong with those two? Lmao


Hmmm a title that would fit the girthzilla


I have no idea but all I remember was me just sitting there laughing and wondering how they missed me, especially the Hank since he even shot me before

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Would 11:05 count as a juke?


That counts, yes.

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