Jparty We will always miss you :(

1:37 .Can i set this as my hit sound? We all love and miss him.

New hunter confirmed and I’m loving it.

Squishy, Squishy very Delishy.


Dammit man, you know I’m still sore from losing Jparty. This tugs at the heartstrings so hard. I will save this and listen to it whenever I play Evolve.

Oh, the feels. The bittersweet, nostalgic feels. :cry:


Do we know what happened to him like actually? Lots of people in chat today said he got fired or he left or something.

Hashtag: WewantourJpartyback!


Just launched the stream, man the news is heartbreaking.
5 minutes in and I miss Jparty already.

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I remember you. Weren’t you the one complaining about how you didn’t get a press release.

What happened? :open_mouth:

Apparently he left or got fired. Nobody knows…

What we do know is something or SOMEONE took him away. And i intend to find out exactly what happened, when it happened and if this so called killer will strike again.

I love these guys.
All these months they were our soul-connection to Evolve.


You will be missed J-Party! This video is absolutely great. @DB_Sinclair needs to see this :smiley:

Now this is Jparty.

For everyone who just can’t get enough Jparty.

JParty, we will never forget you!

Yeah, that’s right JParty!

Bye, Have fun man…


Beautiful. Nothing else to say.

Friday Evolve streams won’t be the same without him :broken_heart:


That’s right. . .JParty. . .



I wonder if Jparty see’s this, and knows we know he’s gone.

Jparty really grew on me. Will miss hearing the guy!