Journey to Japan


In three short days, I’ll be off on a journey to Japan. A few years ago I made this same trip to Kyoto but spent the month highly deppressed and even suicidal because of a very… unfortunate event that happened to me, to the point that I left after half a month from the immense emotional pain.

I will not be robbed of happiness again, no, not this time. This time I’m going to enjoy my time in japan. Anyways… I guess the short version is that I’m trying to find peace there. If that makes any sense…

I will be gone for one-two months, I will have access to the Internet (thanks to pupuru and other Internet services xp) but I want to fully immerse myself in Japan so I’ll be using my phone very rarely.

I didn’t want to worry my forum friends that I suddenly vanished off, so I decided to make this thread. xp I promise I’ll be back. ^^



Take me with you?


Have a wonderful trip! I am sending good vibes in hope that this time will go really well. Japan is an amazing place - I hope I’ll be able to travel there one day too!


I hope you have a great time there, take care!!

Buen viaje!! :smiley:


Have a Safe trip! Enjoi and Indulge in the Culture!


Oh man, I am so jelly…do take lots of photos and eat some sushi for me! Buy everything you even thing you want…seriously.


I live over here - have done so for 10 years - up in Hokkaido at the moment. If you want some pointers or need a hand, feel free to drop me a msg or meet up if you’re coming this far north.

Otherwise, enjoy! It’s a beautiful country - a bit quirky, but a real treat :slight_smile:


just watch yourself over there, I hear they have huge lizards! :wink:


And screaming deer


Good luck, and have fun!

People over there are so nice. It’s such a massive contrast to how us Americans are on average. More often than not, people are going to be really polite.

Also, eat all the things! So much good food.

I lived over there for a few years, and I really want nothing more than to go back. So jealous right now.

But yeah, all that aside, if you can go somewhere called Harajuku (yes, it’s kind of stereotypical) I strongly recommend. It’s a really fun district and probably the best shopping experience you’re likely to have. So much stuff to see, you likely won’t get to it all in one day. Trains are also oddly fun, if a bit of a hassle for large portions of the day, so double bonus if it’s far enough to warrant riding one.


Katt please take me with you! I’ve wanted to go to Japan for five years!

Watch out for the Asian Giant Hornets. I saw a documentary on them and they seemed like monsters.



also power rangers, you must watch out for those!


Have so much fun.
Make sure not to spoil this wonderful opportunity you have. Life is short. Take all the risks and chances you can.
Life is your adventure. Make sure you live it.


Good God I saw 30 Hornets take down an entire Honey Bee hive

Also Katt, have you ever been to Okunoshima?


it’s like a reverse the 300!


Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do there!


Give them nothing, but take from them EVERYTHING


Have a nice trip to Japan! :slight_smile:

Wow! @MacMan did you forget to close your front door?