Journey of the Gods user manual?

I’m playing Journey of the Gods from time to time in a Quest and I cannot remember some of the god movements like slowing down the time.

Is there any manual anywhere in the game and/or online?

Thanks in advance,

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One month later and nobody answered :frowning: Is any one out there playing this game?

Hi there! You have a list of the God abilities when you open your menu while in game. It is on the right side of your field of view. If the text under the feather are symbols instead of readable text, then you have yet to unlock that ability.

Additionally, you have a record of the upgrades that you have available to your weapons on the left side of your menu. At the center of your menu you have the options to change any game settings if you need to make any adjustments such as the vignette setting, turn speed, and resetting your height.

Hope this helped!


Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately it doesn’t help. I already noticed the list of the symbols but they don’t give a clue about how to use the abilities once you have forgotten how to do them.


Here are some of the powers broken down for you. If you need more let us know. * These are in no particular order and the spouts are one power that you harness in different environments.

God Powers

Gods are represented in the game as a type of bird. As the player travels to different locations they discover ancient eggs that hatch into magnificent bird gods. Each god will reward the player with a unique god power. God powers are harnessed through hand drawn shapes in the 3D world.

  • Lightning - Reach into the clouds above and pull a lightning strike to a ground target.
  • Charm - Temporarily make an enemy fight for you! Might need to pet an enemy while in god mode to activate
  • Spouts - This ability can be used on a bunch of different surface types, creating different effects. For example:
    • Sand Spout - Can be used to pull sand away from buried treasure or a blocked doorway. Can also be used to bury targets waist deep in sand, locking them in place.

    • Fire Spout - Draw a line from a fire source to what you want to burn.

    • Stone Golem - The player can embody a large stone golem and smash their way through stuff.

  • Grow Trees - Grab a tree sapling and stretch it up into a full size tree. Pulls a group of trees out of the ground, and even spawns beautiful butterflies. Can be used as cover, sightline blocker, path blocker or building materials.
  • Teleport - Pick up and move objects, enemies, NPC’s and even the player’s own avatar from one place to another.
  • Repair - Grab the destroyed base and pull up to reassemble destroyed structures.
  • Slow Time - Draw a circle

Belief is physicalized by floating orbs in the world that pull towards the player when they get near. Transforming to a god and spending time as a god requires belief. Belief is earned over time and through the player’s actions.

Earning Belief

  • Self Belief: The player has belief, so at a minimum the belief pool always regenerates slowly over time.
  • Enemies: Dealing damage to enemies also gives the player extra belief.
  • Heroic Actions: When the player solves puzzles, clears a path, etc. they often receive extra belief.

Thank you very much! I wish there was a way to repeat the tutorials of each of the God power.