Journey of The Gods help

So, I managed to exit the level where you receive the final god power without actually receiving the power. I thought I was solving a puzzle but I guess I was breaking the game instead. Now there doesn’t appear to be a way for me to go back and replay the level to get the power and I’m assuming I’ll need this power to complete the final stage/stages of the game.

So, is there really no way to go back and replay levels? Am I going to have to restart from the very beginning of the game? Any help here would be appreciated.

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Hi Jaximus! Sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue with JotG. We’re working on a fix atm. Unfortunately, you would have to play through the game again to get the God power

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Thanks for the quick reply, BT. When you say you’re working on a fix do you mean patching the game to allow replaying levels, or a patch that would stop people from making the same mistake I did?

I guess what I’m asking is if a patch could fix my current problem if I wait for it, or if I need to go ahead and restart the game now.

Thanks again.


The patch would be addressing this God power issue. To better help the team understand your experience, can you detail what happened when you exited the level?


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Ok, I had just received the power that lets you move sand and made it back to the main hub of the level, the area with the giant sun dial.

I used the sand power to get into the cave with the bird head with lava coming out of it. I retrieved the final piece of the sun dial, went to the area in the cave that lets you look out onto the sun dial and used the sand power to get over the lip and drop down into the main area.

I placed the last piece of the dial, restored the dial in God form, then went through the door to exit the level.

I’m guessing the final God power was down the path to the left from the main area. I got to the point with the bolted door and the infinitely respawning enemies and assumed I needed some other ability or something to get past that locked door. I’m guessing now I was supposed to go into God form and get the enemies to attack the door? I’m still not sure what I was supposed to do there.

It seems that there is a glitch with that area, as well. When I saw the enemies were infinitely respawning there I gave up and went down the other path. When I came back later I killed the enemy that had come to the entrance to the cave, but no more enemies spawned there. That’s assuming I needed an enemy to get through that door.



The team confirmed that the incoming patch will address the issue regarding obtaining that missing God power. We’ll make an announcement as soon™ as that fix goes live.

We appreciate your patience as we work to get this patch released and thank you for letting us know you encountered this bug!


I think I made the same mistake, I definitely don’t have that last ability. However, I did make it to the point where…

spoiler alert

…you fight the dark queen/goddess boss at the top of the tower and defeated her. I’m back in the village and am trying to round everyone up but cannot for the life of me figure out how to get fire to the blacksmith! Is this related to the last ability that I’m missing?

Yeah, the last ability allows you to use those nearby lava flows to light the guy’s forge. Went through the same thing. Right now the only option is to start the game over and make sure you don’t miss that final power.

In a game like this there really needs to be a way to go back and replay previous levels…

Hello I can not continue at the gate with the opponent where again and again. How does it work ? or is that a mistake? I can move sand and have assembled the clock. Above, lava comes from a bird I’m not through … What should I do? Thank you

To the left of the gate is a ramp that goes up to nowhere. Stand on the ramp, go into God form and send the big enemy to the top of the ramp. The ramp is a seesaw and the weight of the enemy will cause the lower part of the ramp to tilt up, giving you access to a teleporter in the upper area. Good luck!

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