Journey of the Gods & Face Your Fears II

Got your hands on an Oculus Quest or Rift S???
Sweet~!!! Check out our two VR titles in the Oculus store: Journey of the Gods and Face Your Fears II.

Store Links: Quest, Rift

The chaos moon is coming, threatening the peaceful inhabitants of the land. It’s up to you to unlock the power of the gods in your battle against the encroaching darkness.

Become the hero in this first-person, legendary VR quest against the forces of evil.

Before completing this epic journey you will:

  • Explore a wide and wondrous new world.
  • Engage in ranged and melee combat with the sinister celestial servants of the chaos moon.
  • Solve the mysteries of the ancients and gain the mystical power of the gods!


Store Links: Quest , Rift

Are you prepared to Face Your Fears and step into Harvest House?

Learn the tragic history of the Harvest Family as you explore their long-abandoned home. Immerse yourself in two spine-tingling scenarios that unravel a tale of terror across the ages. In the first, your sister is missing and all roads lead to the old Harvest Estate. Next, take on the role of a paranormal investigator and come face to face with the evil that dwells there.

Can you escape the same fate that befell other interlopers in these blighted halls, or will you forever remain buried in Harvest House?



I’d love to see any gifs or vids of TRS crew playing! :smirk:


Careful what ya wish for!


Face Your Fears II kinda remembers me Tales of the Crypt right now. I wonder if they were inspired by it.

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Any idea when journey of the gods will be our for rift s? I can’t wait to play it! Keep up the good work guys!

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Welcome to the forums!

They haven’t announced a date yet, but they’re actively working on optimizing it and whatnot for the Rift! They will likely announce it on the official TRS Twitter, their Discord, and probably here, too, so keep an eye out! :blush:


Wish it was coming to the Rift 1

I’m a bit late replying, but I remember reading that games made for the Rift S will still work on the Rift 1. They’ve only stopped making the Rift 1, it is still being supported however. :+1:

Will FYF2 be available for the Go at some stage?
This format would also be great for facing famous horror characters like Freddy and Jason. Any plans here (like with Stranger Things)?

Hi there Spida, thanks for the questions!

FYF2 is not compatible with the Go and GearVR platforms. It was developed with motion tracking in mind, so it is exclusive for the Quest and Rift platforms. At this time there are no plans for additional content for FYF2.