Joss Whedon being sued for Copyright Infringement


You guys read/heard about this yet? That’s a really big bummer if it’s true, which right now sounds like it is. I LOVED Cabin in the Woods since I still think of it as one of the most original movies to have come out in the last decade or so.



Wow! I really hope that’s not true. I loved that movie.


Not much to think for me. ^.-


It could be a big coincidence since the movie is parodying tons of horror movies, so both the book and the movie could have been drawn from the same material. And parodies are pretty much safe from copyright laws.

I’m just wondering, did this Peter Gallagher’s lawyer purposely wait to file the paper work until less than a month before Joss Whedon’s already super successful movie comes out? Of course. The movie came out 3 years ago and has been on Netflix forever.


Well, nothing new in the hollywood scene I guess. People try to dime in on anything. Even if there is some truth to it, I don’t mind. He gave us one of the best sci-fi series ever created afterall.


And one of the best supernatural


Right! Always thought the show was a bit too nerdy, but after actually starting to watch it it was kinda awesome. <3 Anthony Head. He pretty much kept me watching it all the way through.


After reading the complaint, this guy has a cass and will probably get some relief for this. Maybe a settlement.


My biggest disappointment with CitW was that the DLC for L4D2 fell through.

I thought it was awesome they had the witch, boomer, and tank in the movie.


I remember seeing the boomer in one of those cages… I was like… Wut
I actually didn’t care for this movie tbh but that’s just my opinion


This is that guy’s “grassroots effort” to make millions of dollars from more talented people.

But after a jury decided in favor of the Marvin Gaye estate for a song with a similar cowbell or something, who knows what’s going on with intellectual property rights. Every hip-hop song ever made is on the table… movies… shows… novels…

I always felt like Cabin in the Woods would make the best freakin video game. So much horror villains to be killed by.


Someone who sues for 10million 3 years after the events Is just a low life loser.
Hey someone stole my idea. 10-20 years later HOW DARE YOU STEAL MY IDEA!
They must be using internet explorer :confused:


No, they’re playing their cards right to maximize profit. Scumbag move, yes.


No reason to rush.Take the time to build the complaint so it will be the best it can and in the meantime profits from the movie add into the remedy.


But how is there damage done. After three years the book came out? I bet it did not sell well in the first place… Might have to research.


Without details, it’s kind of hard to see how this could be a legitimate claim. Right now, only the premise is kinda similar, and the premise is kind of an obvious spin on the 90s horror movie genre. Because of that, it’s natural that main characters would be constructed according to horror movie tropes.