Joining the same running game, again and again


It’s been like what, 3 months or something? When will TRS fix this horrid matchmaking?

I am getting tired of being thrown in the game I don’t want to join, only to get a penalty every time I leave. When I do start searching again I have to wait for the long loading screen to finish, only to join that same pending game again. Not even getting the role or the perks I want.

This is one of the many reasons this game is losing it’s playerbase.


Just finish the match. I know that’s not a popular response, but there it is.

Yeah, it sucks, I get that.


What if I still don’t get the role I want? I just wasted almost 20 minutes for nothing.

I’ve tried what you suggested, it doesn’t always work.


This is not necessarily a response to the problem you have presented, but it can certainly help with your issue.

I would recommend learning to play more than one role. It doesn’t make sense to play only 1/5 of a game, right?


Sometimes I actively want to be returned to the same match, because I only left due to an unhappy disconnection or localised Steam failure

Sometimes your motive for leaving a match is because of griefing, though. If your Trapper is intentionally circling around on the opposite side of the map from the rest of the team as they chase the Monster, just for his own amusement, you know it’s time to go. And then you get put back in the same match again - frustrating.


You won’t get the same game again if some game-ending disaster happens to occur to the character you are assigned while you happen to be in control.


Its no about about role all the time, sometimes I join as a dead hunter with only daisy alive with the monster repeatedly killing the hunters, people keep joining and quitting the game and it doesn’t end up finishing, there is nothing that can be done in those type of situations.

There is no way to avoid this either.


Eh, you could always wait a couple’a minutes before queueing again.
Bathroom break, grab a drink, biscuit.


I’ve read before that it has something to do with the game attempting to purposefully get you back into the same lobby in case you left the game “on accident”.

Which makes little sense as I’d expect Evolve to tell the difference between getting a disconnection error and clicking the “exit game” button.


When that happens to me, I either switch game modes or play a solo match.


Does leaving after joining a “half progressed” game consider a lose ?? can someone clarify it …

As far as i know, if you lose a “half progressed” game , it wont count into your WLR .
only the next match will.


No, you don’t get a loss for losing a joined-in game. The only penalty you get is the 60 second wait, that’s it.

Wouldn’t make much sense to join in with several strikes or dead and still get a loss :stuck_out_tongue: I’m fairly certain you can even join right at the start and still not get one, so long as you didn’t connect before the game actually loaded and started.


I think selecting ‘quit match’ at any time results in a loss.


I happened to be scrolling through the leaderboards and found I have no entry for Behemoth. I know I have joined several in-progress games as behemoth, and either died or disconnected (because I can’t into rock monster lel), and there is apparently no record of those games.