Joining midgame - pick the perk(s) you want


Why isn’t there an option to pick the perk you want, when you join an already running match? Would also prevent more peoples from leaving if they join midgame. I usually go with jetpack recharge and hate not
having that skill available. I get that it wouldn’t be a good idea if you can constantly switch perks, that
ain’t what I am asking for.


My assumption is that has to be done before the match starts and all the variables are locked in.


I read a post where macman or one of those guys considered making it possible to switch skins midgame (same situation). Why shouldn’t it be possible with perks?


Switch skins midgame? Can you post the link?

I’m not sure what purpose that would serve.


I think this would mess with how the game plays out.
One minute you’re dealing with a Markov that deals 15% more damage, then suddenly someone else drops in and that rock throw that should have killed him didn’t.
Oh sorry, he chose damage resistance.
Just a variable that seems a bit unfair to change


Can’t exactly tell where it was, but it was someone complaining about not being able to use elite or bought skins in the same situation.


Yep - This. Changes the whole dynamic of the match.

They might be able to make it work by giving a limit like, if you pop in during the first minute of gameplay. But its easier to say “no” and just focus on more important stuff. Might end up with bugs like double perks if multiple players left and joined.

As a hunter I would love this, but as a monster I would find it irritating lol


I think it limits the dynamic of the match the way that it is now. As I said, jetpack recharge matches my
playstyle and I see it as a restriction when I can’t jump around as much as I normally would in order
to save my teammates as support for example. “You’re being attacked… Well, too bad for ya.”
Can’t reach you with my shield or jetpack booster.

If I join midgame you only get 75% of the full me.


I dont think it would work. However there should be some direct indicator of what perk you have mid match. Let’s have an indicator of what character(s) the each side is playing while were at it.