Joining Mid-Game Ruins It


I love Evolve don’t get me wrong but damn the joining mid-game via Quick Match OR even Evacuation is just infuriating. I am Level 26 on PS4, so yes I know how to play believe me but the fact you are generally forced to join end match on the losing team just makes it a big waste of my time and I assume for others too.

I didn’t buy this game not to experience Evacuation from the beginning of Day One. What is the point of even participating in the “campaign” when you can’t even take part in how it turns out through all five days? I think after 8 runs I have joined Day 3-5. I don’t want this and I have seen a lot of the community not like it either.

At the same time I love playing, planning and meeting my future hunter teams from the start of a game. I shouldn’t have to join where they are all dying and then just quitting out anyway, or joining as a mid-game monster with quarter health on Stage One with full health hunters on its ass.

It is making the overall experience a massive let down and kind forcing me to play Solo just to see things from the start.

As feedback it would be great to have an option to choose if you want to join mid-game matches via the options, or not. Don’t force me. I want this to be a choice and I think games, ESPECIALLY multiplayer focused ones should give you as much choice to your gaming experience as possible.


I agree, it should be a choice if we want to join mid-game because then it is a 10 minute waste of time since you are penalized for leaving a game. I would say at least 50% of the games I have played, me and my friend join into a game that is already 5-10 minutes into it.