Joining in-progress games incessantly is ANNOYING


My gripe here is that every time I go to join a game (PC) I get put into an in-progress game and am forced to play someone I don’t want to play. Is there an option to opt out of joining in-progress games PERIOD. I’d like to know, because I couldn’t find anything in-game about it.

Its frustrating as hell because the bots are stupid and do stupid things right before you decide to take over, like run the opposite direction of your team for several minutes… or the worst yet, being put in the game as the monster when he’s half dead. Why should I be punished for rage quitters? Oh and by the way, the 60 second timer I have to wait after quitting an in-progress game is a nice slap in the face.


Because, equally, on the other side of the coin it sucks when someone leaves and you are forced to play with a dimwitted AI. If you didn’t join games in progress 2 things would happen.

Wraith would solo bots 60-80% of the time.
Everyone on the Hunter team would start to quit once one person who can’t hack it leaves.

It’s a necessary evil because of people who can’t hack it and stick through. Legitimate disconnects aside of course.


So because of the rage quitters I’m just gonna have to persevere as a class I don’t want to play everytime I join a game? That’s a pretty shitty notion you’ve got there. I didn’t sign up to be a martyr, I just wanted to play a video game. I’d much rather there be an extreme on the opposite end of the spectrum where the person trying to rage quit cannot in fact quit the match and will be forced to either play, or stand there like a sod and take it.

As for disconnects, and by the way this is from experience, if the monster player disconnects the human hunters are going to stomp it 9 out of 10 times due to having actual intelligence. Like I mentioned before, I was put in the game as the monster, and he was half dead. Why am I the one playing the martyr again? Or, right, necessary evil.


You are still playing the game are you not? Also, it’s not my notion, it’s the developers. No need to get nasty at me. The Devs decided that this is how they want their game to work.


So play it out, then from then on you’re no longer in game, but starting as you wanted?


I’ll give you two scenarios.

  1. Monster sucks, so he rage quits. While he rage quits, the bot takes over and has an arena over his head and is in fact, getting stomped. Then I join! Yay, monster is my LAST preferred class, just what I wanted right? No, wrong. So I’m almost at zero health and the other team wails on me.

  2. The hunter team. One of them disconnects! Uh oh, better put that unsuspecting player into the healer position, the second to last class in his perferred list, but wait… another hunter dc, and another after that, so I join a game with one other human player and two bots aaaaand the monster’s found us.

And lets be honest here, the bots are stupid compared to a human being. And sure, I could just ‘ride it out’ and then play what I want, but I’d much rather see a terrible mechanic that’s plauging games these days be removed. No more punishing the good players for the bad ones behaviors. Let’s not lie gentlemen, stats matter to some people. Some people want to try to contend on the ladder, otherwise there wouldn’t be one.

But hey, if you’re the better man, by all means, every… single… game… stick it out and suck horribly, either making the hunters laugh at you, or making your fellow hunters mad at you for sucking as a medic. And no, this is not a self confidence issue. I’m not getting nasty with you, I’m stating it how it is.


I don’t mind joining in games sometimes, although it does happen quite a bit, I just hate when its my #5 least choice.


SO today I joined game in progress as a kraken with 1/3HP I won, somehow. Next game I took wraith, hunters got completely rekt and all 4 left… Yeah that was fun.


Getting on my nerves, too. People here say stick it out, you’ll get what you want to play after. That’s bs, you’ll get your fifth choice after. People here also seem to be against improving matchmaking as it will take longer to find games. It’s already taking a long time going through eight of the 60 second penalties to find a fresh game where I am not stuck as my fifth choice, so go ahead and make me wait longer if it means I get to play a proper game.


I wouldn’t say bots are dumber than the human players, I’m 9-0 if I’m by myself with three bots. As I get more human players my teams fall apart.


I am absolutely sick of joining games in progress myself. There needs to be an option to only join sessions that are not in progress.


L4D didn’t have this “necessary evil” and it was just fine (including versus mode), same goes for tons of other competitive multiplayer games. They should really stick with matchmaking and lobby system similar to L4D instead of trying to invent a wheel. It’s awesome that game itself is original, but that doesn’t apply to simple things like matchmaking.

And no one is suggesting to eliminate joining a game in progress, it’s about having a choice. As for rage quiters, they must be punished by getting instant loss into their statistics and maybe 5 minutes cooldown before being able to join another game. Of course it’d affect people who are just getting disconnected and not leaving game intentionally, but that is really a necessary evil, and not a big of an issue if connectivity problems will be fixed (as they should be).

If I’m getting thrown into a game in progress, I’m instantly leaving it anyway (unless we’re still on dropship or just landed) and those people have to play with bots again until someone who don’t mind joining a game in progress is connected. But if he don’t mind, he’ll just agree to join a game in progress to begin with (if there is pop up message that gives him a choice).

PS: Not to mention that in 90% of cases this kind of matchmaking forces me into in-progress game as a monster, while it’s my last priority and in fact I don’t want to play as monster at all.


Yeah, they need to do something about this. At least if I get thrown into a match as a class I didn’t want, let me at least choose the hunter from that class. It sucks getting thrown in as a healer and getting laz, when I would like to be caira if I have to heal.


But they also want to avoid problems such as World of Warcrap’s queue system. Certain classes can take a LONG time to queue up because more people prefer to play X instead of Y. To them, they felt that this system works better to get games going so not everyone has to spend 20+ minutes waiting for a slot because they are wanting to play the more popular roles.


That’s perfectly understandable, I get the initial idea behind this matchmaking. But don’t you think everyone would be happier if there was a choice? For example I don’t mind waiting for a while as long as I won’t become a monster which is on my last priority. Clearly a lot of people are upset about this and I can’t say it’s unreasonable.
I mean, not being able to get a certain class is fine, but people should be able to choose their side - either monster or hunters (doesn’t matter which hunter, that’s where priorities can come into play), and whether they want to wait for a fresh game or join game in-progress.


I have been getting an annoying glitch while joining half way as the monster.

Start off with 1 point in 3 random abilitys, when i get to rank 2 these points are gone and i only have 3 points instead of 6.


They feel that the majority don’t want to wait. Not everyone has hours to play games. Sometimes people want to get a quick match in during lunch, or ‘just one more round before bed/work/school’. It’s more than just wanting to wait. Everyone complained about waiting for 1-2 minutes with loading screens. Fing loading screens! People won’t wait 20+ minutes for matches, they’ll move on. People are impatient.


No, we have to wait 20 minutes queue dodge penalty instead. How is having to leave and retry for 20 mins a better system?


Because not everyone dodge quits because they didn’t get their role. Some people don’t mind playing any role you know.


Right, so a proper queue would be better, people like you can click no preference and people like me can wait a bit longer. Win-win.