Joining In-Progress Game As Monster


So there’s a glitch where in you join within the first 30 seconds of a match as a Monster it’ll put you through the eating animation despite the fact that the hunters are about to drop on you. I’m sure it should be easy to duplicate and it’s honestly discouraging as the hunters find you right away at Stage 1 with no armor and it’s hard to escape them with certain hunter combos.


That just happened to me an hour ago. Bugs and more bugs.


This one has been around for a while I believe.


Indeed it has because it happened to me twice yesterday and I almost lost both matches because of it.


Well I don’t think you get a loss at least, when you join an in-progress match.


Yep i’ve also had this happen to me twice yesterday. I was still in the eat animation at the start of the match and the hunters just dropped on me while I was still in the animation. Really annoying.


What really bothers me is when this happens and the hunters unanimously reject a restart. Cool guys. Take your free win against a bot monster you literally dropped in on s1 with no armor. I bet that victory felt really good…


Yeah they rejected me that and then I ended up rage quitting because they were aholes and they had a Sunny making s* worse. I was getting too angry so I had to avoid the situation.