Joining games in progress is the glitchiest video game experience I have ever seen

Invisible hunters
Invisible monsters
Falling through the map
Permanent spectator mode
Stuck in place

Among the myriad of other issues. This is me joining a session in progress today and it put me as monster. Which is fine, only you can see in the video the movement is incredibly glitchy, and it took literally about 2 minutes before I was able to actually take control of the monster, just in time for the hunters to dome me. At least I think it was hunters, because they were all invisible!

I would guess at least 50% of the matchmaking games I am put into are games in progress. And of those, at least 50% are glitched in some form or fashion. The most usual nowadays is falling through the map. When I am monster, it’s either 2 minutes before I can take control, or its temporary spectator mode where I have no idea whats going on until suddenly I am whipped over to monster.

So… is anything in the works for this? It’s baffling how there can be so many glitches just from players joining in progress. I have to think this is one of the key reasons people have stopped playing the game.


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what system?

Xbox Oneeee

Must be your bad luck or some kind of bad karma. Of the list you provided, the only one of these problems I’ve had has been the permanent observer mode and even that only happens very rarely.

I know it happens a lot to other hunters too because I main Goliath and have people die instantly at the start or when someone joins quite a bit :smile:

Maybe it’s an Xbone issue but it sure as fuck ain’t karma.

Yea, every now and again I get an invisible monster and rarely I get an invisible hunter. Most of the time if I join in anyway we are going to lose so I have stopped caring.