Joining games and preference


i don’t like complaining about games and things wrong with them, i really really don’t, but its starting to become ruckus when i am forced to play trapper and monster when they are my least pref, monster 4,trapper 5 and especially when i join as game as a trapper, leave wait the full minute then re-join the same game, like come on, i know server joining is random all games have that issue, but if it is my 4/5 pref i shouldn’t be put as it in a lobby or have to play that role, i know some people will be like “ohh shut up play your role blah blah blah” that aint the point of this rant ill play trapper if i must, just i dont want the join the same game multiple times as trapper when its my least preference, ill take a wraith over trapper sadly :frowning:


Have you tried sticking the game out? Usually after getting lowest preference you’ll get top/second preference as usually when finding a lobby, thats exactly what it does
Finds a lobby
Then when you get to the “replay” screen, thats the time it looks at preferences


I moved my monster from one to five so I can try out the new characters. Seems like I get the monster more now than I did when it was my preferred choice.


People are doing quite a few premades at the moment. So basically people like you, and I with monster at 5 get nonstop monster games.