Joining game in progress


this option is really really really really annoying.

i do not want to take over a monster with 10 hp. if the monster player leaves, either lose the game or wait for him to reconnect. do NOT substitute another player who has NO idea of the current game.

hunter side needs this mechanic for public matchmaking though. but if you join an existing game PLEASE give me some infos of the current game: monster stage, my perk for example.

oh and can you please include an auto maximizer when a game starts. thanks!


Fully agree. I’m tired of being forced to play as a nearly dead monster while monster is my last priority (which indeed means that I don’t want to play as a monster at all… for the time being). Why didn’t you guys use a matchmaking similar to L4D? As in, there was an option to “Find Game” - join any type of game, including game in-progress, and there was another option - “Find Lobby” which meant that you’re only going to be connected to a game that haven’t started yet.
Or it can remain as it is but if it tries to connect me to a game in progress, I’d want to have a pop up message that asks me whether I want to join game in progress or not.


Agreed. I said this in the Beta as well: We need the option to disallow joining games in progress.


Shamelessly bumping this.

At least make it an opt-in function with some kind of reward (extra xp or whatever if you agree to join a game in progress)

Other options could include :

  • Only join during the first 5 minutes
  • Never join with more than 1 strike (hunter) or X amounts of health damage (monster)
  • Small recap “you’re about to join as #monster on #map, with hunters W, X, Y and Z facing you, do you wish to proceed?”

As it is now, it’s a major pain to join a game without being dropped into a dead bot with two strikes or a dying monster.


Yeah I hate when that happens. I leave every time I join a game in progress.


I have to agree with this post.


Agreed it is one of the game’s major downfalls. Not only affecting us competitive player’s scores but also just being stupidly unfun. I don’t see the devs fixing it though. They don’t seem to really care about the issue.


yeah maybe… let´s wait for the first patch…


The worst game I joined was one in progress as Golaith who had less than half of a single bar of health left, not only that I could not even retreat to get armor since the monster was in the dome and the previous moron who was controlling it did not put a single point into fire breath which makes any Lazarus player very happy.
I won every match I participated in as Goliath so far and not about to take my first loss by being stuck with impossible to win odds in a match I was not even part of until the very end where there is no hope of turning it around.

I might have been able to if I have been able to retreat to get armor since I wiped out a couple teams before they could even get through my armor but even that was not an option.

Not gonna put an end to my perfect winning streak in such a lousy way. When that day does eventually come I want it to be because the hunters were better and not because I was given control of a monster so close to death that a gust of wind could kill him.