Joining game bugs and beginning/end game bugs



First and foremost thanks for making this game free to play, you guys have done a great job revamping the game.

I would like to address a few bugs I have encountered, for example when adding friends to a party and searching for a game I noticed some of my friends would get automatically kicked out of the party; the game indicating the lobby is full and removing my friends from the game. Another bug is when after a game has finished we are forced to wait until the timer finishes and after the times up, the game basically stays frozen on the same end game menu with the timer being 0:00 and not continuing to find another game. The last bug I’ve encountered is that when selecting monsters no one is displayed as ready and even tho the monster is submitted ready to start the match everyone has to wait 1:34 for the game to start instead of 3 seconds.

Thankyou for taking your time reading my encounters.


Happens a lot of times in a row… It’s frustrating…, the disconnect with friends thing.

Usually it goes like:

  • Game is already full.
  • The game has been terminated.

Just now, because I’m playing currently, I was queuing up with a friend of mine, and the moment we got a match, he got kicked and got present with: ‘Game is already full.’ and four players instantly joined in as if the game did not recognize that I had a friend with me. :confused:


I also get the lobby is full about 50% of the time when playing with my friend. It used to happen as well before Evolve Stage 2, but now it’s worse.


We know, we’re on it, keep your eyes peeled for it being fixed! :slight_smile: