Joining game and loose in 0,1 sec (LOADING GAME FOR 1,000 YEARS)


Will you ever fix this retarded thing TRS? @MacMan , etc…


If you join a game in progress then lose you don’t recieve a loss, but if you win you do get a win, so I don’t see a problem :confused:


Ok, now it’s definitively not a bug/problem. Because all I want is this… you know what, I really like it. Pls trs don’t fix that anymore, this is what the community needs.

Ooohhh man. I dont really care about looses/wins all I want is to play the game from the beginning… I’m loading the fucking map for fucking 180,000 minutes and then I loose/win in 1 sec and I have to load another fucking retarded map for 190,000 minutes and then I choose a character and another 250,000 minutes…

Time is money, man, time is money. I don’t fucking care about your fucking looses/wins I just don’t want to load one stupid 5min game 1,000 years.


My mistake, your title said losses so I thought you were concerned about losses, my bad :smile:


it counts against W/L ratio though which is what i am for example concerned about. HAve the same issue sometimes.