Joining Evacuation Game Issues


So I’m having a major annoyance when trying to join Evacuation Games. I set up my priority for which classes I want to play (Just like the game asks me to) and I set up Monster to #5. Yet 9/10 games I join (seriously, I just left my 9th joined game after being made the monster)

I really do not want to play the monster all that much, it was never the reason I bought this game. What annoys me even more is, after seeing that 3 other players joined the game AFTER me, I’m still stuck being the monster.

If the game isn’t going to look at the Priority options of our preferred play choice. Would be be so kind to remove it, or add a note that says, “This list is just for show. You will be randomly placed as a character.”


I would rather sit in a que for the character I want to play rather than be forced into one of my other choices.



I would even take a pop-up (that doesn’t pull you out of queue) saying, “This game is available with this/these options, would you like to join or continue to wait”

I know that would be a decent patch thing to work out the bugs for it, but something to look into.


MM is buggy, and I have no idea why. Beta and Alpha worked better. :confused: