Joining blind

Joining mid game and being blind. I can see my HUD but everything else is black. This also happened last week. @Skrewyluie and I were both blind as soon as we joined. This all happened after I had to “Quit” the app on Xbox so I could join in progress because of that bug that leaves host in lobby and puts his team in a game.

You might want to check your eyes…

This bug has been noted, dont worry it will all end soon…

When was the last time we got a micro patch? Because I think I mentioned the host being left behind a few weeks ago and someone said it would be fixed soon. I haven’t played much lately so I’m kinda outta the loop

Last month I think.

That’s way too long

When the next patch comes expect something big and including the new hunter… they are trying to spoil us… even though we dont see it :cry:

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Yep lol :sweat_smile:

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That might not be for a few weeks though right?

Expect something to be announced by Gamescon.

August 6 I believe.

Hopefully it releases the same day it’s announced. These are some serious bugs.


Geez, I could barely recognize it was you, @warpathchris xD

It gonna feel like forever. :cry:

Because of the picture?

yup. ^^ </10chars>

Just paying my respects to fallen heroes

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