Joining as Monster mid-match causes odd spectator-mode


I’ve had this happen to me twice now in the last week. Once during Evacuation, once during ordinary Hunt skirmish.

When joining a game in-progress, instead of gaining control of the AI Monster you’re stuck in some weird placeholder first-person Monster camera that can’t jump, feed, attack, whatever.

You can however still walk around, be affected by gravity and even trigger birds and Harpoon Traps.

I’m not able to purposefully reproduce the issue, sorry. It just happens occasionally and when it does I try to just make my presence known to the Hunters with spooky bird alerts out of nowhere.


I have had this happen to me a few times on XB1 as well. I usually go around scaring birds too while i wait for the next match to start.

What platform are you on?


Good to know it’s happening cross-platform, should make it easier to reproduce and fix.


dis is an eezee fix. chooz take a break an then pres x. it giv u ful control


Easily reproducible glitch. All you have to do is join into a game as Monster before the hunters drop while the monster is feeding usually. This will usually cause the AI to go about being a monster and you can go around doing whatever, you can also get affected by hunters’ bullets and environmental damage (like acid pools) to die and usually be put in control of the Monster, other times it just ends the game and says that the Hunters win when you die.


A secret new feature being added, and it glitched into the game! That’s makes all the sense