Joining an in-progress game


I’ve seen one or two posts on why joining an in-progress game is bad, but let me explain why it is NOT a necessary evil, it is just fucking stupid.

first, why it is fucking stupid, this shouldn’t be too hard. It’s stupid because being put into a match where someone has left is a lose-lose scenario, if they rage-quit, then your scenario is bad, because of no fault of your own. if they didn’t rage-quit, and just left for whatever reason, then the team has been left with a bot player who presumably has screwed things up, and now your scenario is bad, because of no fault of your own. This isn’t fucking HALO, a match isn’t just a chance for you to have some fun with the solid game-play, it’s a strategic game of chess where every single choice can have serious consequences for your team, and then those choices aren’t even yours for the first half of the game! Then the second problem with joining a match in the middle, though admittedly it is less pressing, is it destroys the progression system! When I first play Wraith, I want it to be because I played enough and was good enough to finish the game’s prerequisites, and now, as a reward I get to play this new monster, but the in-progress game joining says fuck all that shit, and just pops you into a game as wraith, fuck that!

then, there are those who claim that this joining in-progress games thing is a "necessary evil. " No, No it ain’t. If a monster or Hunter character is replaced by a bot for a significant amount of time, your game is already fucked, it isn’t impossible to win, but it is going much worse now than it would have before. but, even then there is an easy solution. put in a matchmaking option to prevent from joining games in-progress, then, the players that don’t care will continue to help matches where an asshole left, and the players that do care will be able to shut it off.

Don’t even fucking get me started on joining an evac campaign in progress though, it’s annoying for all the reasons stated above except even worse for two reasons, first, the point of evac is that as you play you experience new things that you are responsible for, you! joining an evac campaign halfway through is treating the mode like it’s just a different way of matchmaking, it’s NOT. it’s a campaign, excactly what it says on the fucking tin, what if you were dropped into bioshock infinite, halfway through with all this shit going down about rifts and time travel, and not to mention the person playing before you sucked, and you don’t have any money or lock picks, that’s what joining an evac campaign is like. Second, because evac campaigns are so long, literally the only evac games I can get into are ones that are already halfway through, i’ve tried at least 15 times to get into a first evac game, and sucseeded twice, of course the second time the game fucking crashed but, hey. there is no inbetween option with starting evac halfway through, just, fix it.

If you want to have games with all 5 people in them, just do what MOBAs do, don’t drop people halfway into a game, make the punishments for leaving a game, clearly shown, and serious. a 60 second matchmaking cooldown? thats not a deterrant, thats a formality, actually try with your matchmaking please. if i were an asshole and the game was going south, that 60 second cooldown wouldn’t even cross my mind, thats the amount of time it takes to get some fucking water. Thats less time than league restricts your matchmaking if you quit a game that hasn’t even started yet, by a factor of 15 if i remember right.


oops, one more thing, popping into a match halfway through also just robs you of half the fun of evolve, the starting, less pressing part of the game, where to find the monsters initial trail, you often have to be observant as fuck, and notice things about the path that are extremely precise.


Even when JIPíng early, the match just flies by, and then you get a new one. But despite the copious profanity, I kind of agree. I guess. I’m fine with JIP’ing, but I think the 1 minute ban should be reomved only for matches joined in progress.


Considering how much this game borrows from the MOBA formula, why can’t it borrow it’s excellent matchmaking system and player punishment systems?