:( Joining a monster game in progress with < 1 hp bar left should not give you a loss


:frowning: This actually gives 2 people a loss, the first guy that left, and the 2nd guy who joins his previous failure and either leaves or dies (both give a loss)


I wonder if it still count as a loss if you don’t take control of the bot.


According to one of the Devs, joining a game mid match won’t give you a loss if you lose. You do get a win if you win however.


It gives you a loss, but doesn’t give you a death on the leaderboards. RIP my 47 WLR (47-1 - > 23.5) with kraken.


I hope your right I hate mid game joins because
1 no mastery
2 no perk picking
3 no idea who the fuck am against
4 because I can’t tell if they have daisy so no stealth
5 no charcter selection


Was this done as of the most recent patch?


I think so, because I before usually just left the game if I joined a monster game with a bad start and it didn’t affect my record.


I’ll have to try and clarify with the Dev that told me this then.


Thanks. I like the suggestion you made in the other thread, where you’re rewarded for staying but not penalized for leaving. In my games, if I wasn’t immediately going to die I’d try to call for a restart, and most hunters would be nice enough to do it.


Generally speaking I find most people are willing to work with eachother given the chance.