Joining a game mid-match, and not being able to control the character you're seeing, or open the menu


Anyone else get this?

EDIT: After a couple of minutes, it gave me options to control the monster very very briefly like 5 times.


the character that you’re supposed to be playing might be dead.


Apparently, I was supposed to be controlling the AI Behemoth.


hmm then i dont know what to say


Yup, I think I get every bug this game has to offer which is a lot, I still see new ones all the time


You’re unable to take control of a monster while it is attacking or using a traversal. If it was constantly for a long time though I don’t know why this would happen.


Does anyone have a screen shot of this?


I have got this multiple times as well. Just watching the monster do its thing forever.


A screenshot wouldn’t show anything. Everything looks normal but the “takeover bot” feature just doesn’t respond and pressing the Esc-button doesn’t do anything either.
The only way to get out is to ALT+F4 or wait untill the round is over


This has happened to me as well about three times since release. Xbox