Joined in observer mode even though I am in a party and there is an open Hunter slot


After 30 minutes of joining games that wouldn’t load or disconnected us immediately I am watching my friends fight a Monster on observer. When the game started one of them auto dropped through the level and Hank couldn’t use his shield. @MacMan Can we pleeeease get even just acknowledgement and/or a time table for a bug and stability patch. It is hard to enjoy the balance and the players when I can’t play more than one match at a time.


Sigh. Well now it is official- matchmaking is trolling us. Hard. There is no more excuse for it. :slight_smile:


Are PC players having issues too?


Well I haven’t had this bug so far, but I’ve played a handful of games since the release of Observer.

However MM does force me to do crazy things to get my first preference.


It’s really bad on Xbox. 30% of my games are ruined by bugs or random server stuff. We played a game earlier and it froze. Everyone was walking in place and we waited for 3 or 4 minutes before we quit and then of course we had the 60 second penalty. It is just frustrating because none of the Devs have actually talked about a bug fix. Not from what I have seen anyway and I fell like I am fairly active.