Joined as monster


I joined as monster and was playing as a canyon strider and was invisable haha. Had two bars of health also.


If you’d been a mammoth bird I’d have cried OP and been very jealous. Sounds like a fun glitch though! Were you able to control it and everything?


Known bug. How did you see yourself as a canyon strider though? For everyone else it’s just been blank.


I just assumed it was canyon strider because i was making canyon strider noise haha.


Please nerf me haha


lol. The developers think it’s a bit of code left over from earlier versions of the game that had observation mode for development purposes.


You are hereby known as Yard. You are now only half of yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


I just read about that ha


I’ll make it work :wink:


Yeah, more people seem to have this glitch lately.