Joined a game, got stuck watching everyone else play, left, got time penalty

pretty ticked off about this. joined a game, got stuck watching, so i left, game stuck me with time penalty before i could join another game.

this pisses me off to an extreme. i know the time is only 1 minute or so. but still, i should not have been stuck watching a game!!! where the crap can i disable that so it never happens again? and on top of that there should not be a time penalty when you leave that crap.

whaT IF i waited to join another game and the game decided it was ok to make me watch again? then i leave again and get another time penalty? yeah, no…fix that.

i bought this game to play, not watch others. so why was there even a time penalty?

Are you sure you didn’t just join into a game in progress and your role died?
If so then you need to slow your roll and calm down.

As for the need for a time penalty it is there to discourage people from leaving games, it also does not stack and does not change so why a minute is such a big deal to you I will never know.

We also have a thread for ranting that can be located here:

Lastly I have changed the category to general since this is what it is, it isn’t a bug.

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Like our friend said, it seems like you joined a game in progress and your role died, thus, you have to wait until the dropship arrives.

If you want, you can make a thread giving a suggestion for the timer and use the venting thread above me to express your frustations, but please, in a civil and friendly way :smile: