Joined a game as a 6th player/observer


A weird thing happened to me today:

I was looking for a Multiplayer Skirmish. A game was found. I jumped right in the beginning game to that starting animation, when you see the camera circling the monster. However, I could not “Press E to take over bot”.
Instead, I could circle between a 3rd person view of other characters (Just as you can spectate other living Hunters if your Hunter is dead. But in this case I could switch to spectate the monster as well).
When I pressed Escape, I could see that all five roles in the game were taken by other people. No bots.

This did not happen only to me. In the same game after about 2 minutes into the game another player, who was neither a Hunter or the Monster, disconnected from the game. I suppose he was a 7th player and a spectator as well.


This has happened to me a couple of times when searching with a friend


Noticed this yesterday too. Is this supposed to happen? I couldnt tell if I could communicate or not. No one had mics


Happened to me too yesterday