Joined a full game in progress


Dropped into a game, played as Trapper. Won game. As it was loading up the lobby, I was telling the people about how it’s odd that the game’s voice chat does not come in for me, but game audio is fine.

Then it loaded up and I was spectating Daisy with absolutely no overlay. I could cycle through all live Hunters (including Daisy), but ANY button press (ESC included) did nothing. I was just forced to spectate this game. I had to CTRL + ALT + DEL and kill off the Evolve game process. Anyone have something similar happen?


Had this happen to me as well… I was able to watch all the players (including monster)


had the same thing happen a few hours ago to our party of 3, all 3 of us joined a completely filled game in progress and we could spectate and cycle between every character (including the monster player)
no overlay either and ESC didn’t bring up the menu (we just alt f4’d out when we decided the game was taking too long)


Ah, so the insanity I’m currently enjoying isn’t just limited to myself. That’s good to know. :slight_smile:


This was what happened the first match I played last night…


And here I thought this bug was going to be rare… Seems like it’s more common. Had this happen once.


Same here, keep happening each time I try to join matchmaking. :frowning:


Same thing just happened to me but I didn’t play a game prior to this happening. I just started the game and went into matchmaking. Note My name is “eLevate Voxas”