Join the Lovely Pack pro Evolve team!


Hey guys, my name is Hunter my GT is MTNGoatz and I have been wanting to get into pro gaming for quite some time. I played lots of call of duty and even played in a team with that. I have won multiple tournaments in call of duty and enjoyed every bit of it. I want to go bigger now, I want to be able to go to events and win real titles and I want to do that with Evolve. NOW IS THE TIME, no teams are formed yet so if we hop on now we have a good chance. I have three people on borad with this already but we are still in need of a monster and support, if you are good at any of those please Email me at to get to me the fastest. THIS IS HUGE! I hope you take advantage of this while you still can.

Few rules…
1.) You have to be at least 16
2.) You have to be somewhat good, you don’t have to be the best because we will practice all the time
3.) Don’t be a jerk to people, this is both serious and fun, we would like to have fun
4.) Leadership, if you can lead people that is good, we need all the people we can get with that
5.) Responsibility, before we start playing we are going to make a schedule on Google, that way you can change it to fit your schedule however you like, we need to meet though so don’t just not show up. Also if you are a jerk and you know it we expect you to own up to that and say your sorry and fix what you have done. If you don’t you will be off the team.

 If you don't see anything that you like we do have a few more opportunities, I can make video but if there is some kind of spectator mode, I would like to use that, if you are good at taking the video for that you can own the YouTube channel.

If you are good with numbers and marketing, getting public, we need you! I can't do everything and if we have someone who can do all of the technical stuff for us, that would be amazing. This person has to be 18 or older.

This is a lot of information and I hope you can see that this is serious, please consider all of this and contact me, make sure you say your name then your GT in that order at the beginning of your email just so I know you read all of this.