Join servers with #SaveEvolve sprays/profile picture/name (games running on Source Engine such as tf2,gmod,etc...)


So, this is my idea. @Takran made a petition this October to help the devs of Evolve to get another chance to develop the game, however it only hit the 6 000 signatures because it’s ignored by a great majority of the viewers.

To help the petition grow up, I thought about changing my name into “#SaveEvolve [France]Dovahkick”, use (Fanta) BobCicle as a profile picture and use the Goliath holding the “#SaveEvolve” sign as a spray in multiplayer games that runs on “Source Engine”. Sadly, people ignore it just like Takran’s petition on

I think that if I had the possibility to put more sprays at the same time, it could bring up players’ curiosity. That’s why I thought about creating a thread to then create a group and then put plenty (but not too much) of sprays in one server at a time.

Making multiple groups would be even more helpful because it’ll able some of the groups to take a break before going into another server/game while other groups do the job.

To change your spray and/or profile picture into something related to Evolve, the picture needs to be a jpg file. If your picture isn’t a jpg file, you can go to this website and convert it into a jpg:

Because I live in France, organizing a group with people from all around the world won’t be easy to me because there is moments where I sleep, learn in school, eat, etc…so I put down my activities bellow to give you an idea:

I stop playing at 23:00 T+1

Monday: start at 17:00 or 19:00
Thuesday: start at 19:00
Wednesday: start between 13:00 and 14:00
Thursday: start at 16:00
Friday: start between 17:00 and 19:00
Saturday: start between 12:00 and 15:00
Sunday: idem than Saturday

My Steam profile’s link is mentioned in my own profile from the forums, so you don’t have to google me nor search me in the steam menu.

I do this thread because I do not want to give up! I want to keep hope and stay determined. I don’t care if people will complain about Evolve, I want it to be popular and well known. Standind here and doing nothing will solve nothing.

I do this thread mostly because Shia Labeouf convinced me.


As soon as I get my laptop (which could be after new years, fuck you amazon), I could probably help.