Join mid-match against an invisible Goliath... because why not?!11


The worst bugs seem to come when joining mid-match sooo… why the HELL does turtle rock insist on me joining mid-match 80% of the time??? This game… this game… can everything work right for just one nightly gaming session, plz?


Thank god for Abe’s Stasis shackles.

And to be honest…Matchmaking was better in Alpha. >.<


Too many people keep quitting early I’d figure. That’s why people keep getting but into games late. Really annoying that.


Invisible monster? Sucks…

Matchmaking, makes sense if you know how it works.
Let’s say you want to play Medic but you get thrown into a match as Monster mid-game. Monster is your number 5 choice so how did this work?

Well the game tries to match you into a LOBBY where you can get your first choice most of the time, not that particular GAME. Now lets say that match lasts 10 minutes long. When the game ends there is a good chance you will get to play Medic in the next match, barring any exceptions. So instead of sitting around and waiting for the next match to open up the game tries to throw you into the first lobby available that’ll let you play the quickest and in the role you’d prefer.

Where this can get screwy is when you throw a pre-made team of 4 into a lobby. Hope you like Monster!

TL;DR Matchmaking will try to get you into the LOBBY where you get to play your first preference the fastest, not the Game.


Monster now get perma cloak when evolving and entering the konami code, but pssssh


Moved to the Bugs category.


Any exceptions being :

  • Premade restrictions screwing up things
  • People leaving and joining
  • People changing their priorities

Which happen pretty much … all the time.

I know how matchmaking works and I’m pretty flexible, so I can live with it, but even I have my limits. After being forced into monster role 6 lobbies in a row (not counting games in progress), I felt a powerful urge to hit the “uninstall” button!


I’ve experienced the invisible monster before too. Had no idea till a rock throw hit me in the face.


I think the biggest exception is that first one. Premades not being allowed Monster can ruin a person’s night. Anyone playing on Xbox One later at night (EST) possibly have run into me and my premade team so I understand.

I thought he matchmaking was supposed to find someone with the same preference to replace whoever dropped, so if you lost your medic then it would find one to replace them with. I have no idea how matchmaking takes over when someone drops and they don’t find another player.

If you wanted to play Medic and get thrown into a match where my first preference was Assault and then before the next match I also put Medic as my number 1 preference, I believe you get Medic first and then I get it the following round and then we rotate back and forth. At least that’s how I have experienced it.

Keep in mind I’m going off what has been relayed by the Devs and my own experiences on Xbox One. I’d say about 90% of the time I get one of my top choices and while I do run into occasionally getting something that is like 4 or 5 it’s not as bad for me as some others report on the forums. It’s strange really…


As I said in some other threads, if you’re a solo player with hunter preferences, most of the time you’ll have to play monster A LOT more than you would like to.

I actually like to monster once in a while so it’s not too bad for me.

Best scenario is a lobby with a full-time solo monster player. In this case you get 1st/2nd choice all the time. hurray
Second best scenario is a lobby full of solo players with 5th monster pref. You get to monster approx 20% of the time
Last “acceptable scenario” is a two players premade, which means 25% monster time for me.

With more premades in the lobby, the percentage of monster games played goes up to 33, 66 and 100%. That’s far too much to be acceptable and considered valid matchmaking.

I don’t concern myself too much with class choice as long as I’m on the right side. Matchmaking is good enough for me on that side, although not perfect either. However, I really feel sorry for solo players who are mono-class hunters. This must be painful for them.